DynoMax Race Bullet Mufflers

DynoMax Race Bullet Mufflers

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The DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler is a dyno tested and track proven muffler. This exceptional muffler is available with unlimited, straight-through design, which enables quicker exhaust flow and provides highest horsepower. The Race Bullet Muffler reduces the sound, thanks to the unique CRF Technology. This unparalleled muffler will probably serve you well for many years, because of its 100% welded construction. If you seek maximum performance and a deep race tone for your vehicle, then don't hesitate - choose the DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler and you will definitely not regret!

Many drivers like the awesome DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler. You wonder why? The answer is simple - the race Bullet muffler significantly increases the horsepower and torque. This enhanced muffler delivers a deep, loud, mighty tone as well. The DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler features 100% welded construction. This guarantees highest endurance. You may also utilize the Race Bullet Muffler as a resonator. This is possible, because the DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler does not limit the flow, but lowers the dB of the system a little bit. DynoMax's engineers have created the Race Bullet Muffler with the unique Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) Technology. In comparison with a straight pipe, the CRF Technology brings 2 - 4 dbA sound decrease on most race applications. This innovative technology consumes the undesirable interior resonance. At the same time, the Race Bullet Muffler generates a deep, racing-inspired tone. The DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler is the best option for you, if you have a vehicle with limited space or a racing application, because of its tight, lightweight construction.

The DynoMax Race Series Bullet Muffler is engineered with aluminized and 409 stainless steel construction. This durable muffler features a round design that provides a compact ground clearance. The installation of the Race Bullet Muffler is simple, thanks to the slotted bushing ends.

DynoMax is a member of the Tenneco conglomerate. This conglomerate contains popular names - for example, Walker, Monroe, Kinetic, and so on. DynoMax is a North American company, which produces outstanding performance exhaust products. DynoMax has leading positions on the market since more than 25 years. The company creates and develops new systems, which have all you may demand from premium exhaust component. DynoMax's products are available with an excellent sound, maximum performance and long-lasting sturdiness. The Exhaust product line of DynoMax Performance features a large diversity of mufflers, pipes and exhaust systems. This product line was first announced in 1987 by Walker. "Pure, Unadulterated Power" is the idea, which is the base of DynoMax's progress. The company manufactures revolutionary products that show the real nature of all vehicles.


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