Edge EvoHT Programmer

Edge EvoHT Programmer

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Edge Evolution HT Programmer is a tight hand-held programmer. It attaches to your truck's OBD II port and remaps ECU software. And the result is improved horsepower and torque for towing or high performance driving. The Evolution HT Programmer also provides you with highest mileage. With this exceptional programmer you can adapt transmission shift points for bigger tires, fuel flow at complete throttle, and observe a lot of engine conditions in real time. The Evolution HT Programmer brings you diagnostics of trouble codes. You can choose from analog or digital format of the readouts. The EVoHT programmer alters or eradicates factory settings for rpm rev limiter and vehicle speed limiter. The Edge Evolution HT Programmer is offered in gasoline or diesel-specific applications. The diesel version observes exhaust gas temperatures as a fail-safe to guarantee no engine elements are being overworked.

Nowadays, fuel is very expensive. This is why it will be great if you can boost each drop when you want superior levels of performance or improved fuel economy for your truck. Now you can achieve this with the EVoHT hand-held tuner. It works as a diagnostic scanner as well. With this unparalleled tuner you can read fault codes and engine running conditions in real time. The EVoHT will provide you with a complete diagnosis of why your light is on without additional cost, when you have any pre-existing check engine conditions. This means you will be able to save your money – there will be no need to give them to oil companies and technicians. Just plug the EVoHT hand-held tuner into your OBD II port. First, the tuner will save the factory settings for air and fuel mixtures, fuel injector flow rates, timing, throttle response speed as well as automatic transmission shift points and more if you want to return to OEM specification. Next you are able to download software particularly made for your vehicle. And the result is an amazing improvement of horsepower for higher on-road performance or towing. You can also select your own options for throttle response and transmission shift points. The fuel economy setting boosts all parameters in order to increase the mileage while you are driving every day.

Your vehicle was manufactured by the factory engineers to work under the challenges of a large variety of conditions. However, the engineers eventually accepted one range of midrange settings in order to meet the daily driving demands of most vehicle owners. But those typical denominator algorithms do not boost any particular performance category. This is why the Edge EVoHT tuner merely adjusts the factory settings. This means you can receive the most out of your engine's normal abilities with the EVoHT tuner. Regardless of the selected setting, your vehicle emissions will remain legal in all 50 states of the USA. If your truck is provided with huge tires, the only thing you have to do is to inform the EVoHT what size they are. Then the EVoHT tuner will alter your speedometer and odometer to read accurately again. Tires with a bigger circumference dramatically adjust the general gearing ratio from engine to pavement. The tuner is able to alter throttle response and transmission shift points at the necessary levels and speeds. This means you get decreased inactivity and enhanced drivability. The Edge Evolution HT Programmer is produced in the USA and is available with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Edge Products was founded in 1999. The company's headquarters are located in Odgen, Utah, in the USA. Edge was created by engineers that specialized in the field of performance electronics for diesel trucks. The company has quickly acquired a reputation for trustworthy and proven performance among the costumers. Edge Products has won many new clients all over the world. This is why Edge has been named three times to Inc. Magazine's list of quickest expanding companies. Nowadays, Edge produces a lot of OBD II compatible modules, programmers, and monitors for gasoline- and diesel-specific applications. Recently, Edge is a subsidiary of the MSD Performance Company. The partnership of Edge Products with MSD Ignition, Superchips, and Racepak parts has resulted in exceptional engineering expertise, progressive product features, and high grade construction techniques. Today, more than 100 employees work in Edge and the company covers a 40,000 square foot facility.


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