Falken AZENIS FK510 Tires

Falken AZENIS FK510 Tires

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The RT615K is one of Falken's most successful tires and those who have been very loyal to the brand will get really excited to know that this series now has a PLUS version. This performance tire series is proven to be a great partner for those who want to win motorsports competition and Falken just made it even better.

The AZENIS RT615K+ is engineered with a nanotech-formulated compound that gives it a far more superior grip on the road compared to tires from other brands. Drivers also love the excellent handling that you will experience with these tires which gives you more confidence when driving on different tracks.

The tires' durability is also unbeatable which is backed by the DOT approval. The series has 21 sizes that you can choose from and ranges from 14-inch to 18-inch rim diameters to accommodate the needs of every driver. It has a UTQG rating of 200 A-A. This means that it will last longer than control tires because it has good tread wear, traction, and temperature ratings. If you want a brand you can trust, choose Falken today and start pushing the limits.


Tension Control Technology

Tension Control Technology for Shock Absorption while Providing an Enhanced Handling Capability

4D Nano Design

With 4 Nano Design Tread Compound that Provides Excellent Traction and Durability

ACP Pattern Design

Adaptive Constant Pressure (ACP) Pattern Design that Gives Enhanced Tread to Road Surface and Improves Both Directional Stability and Vehicle Stopping Distances

Hybrid Under tread Cap Ply

Hybrid Under tread Cap Ply that Provides Rigidity and High-Speed Stability

Switchback siping

Switchback siping that Helps Optimize Contact Surface while Cornering in Wet Conditions

Variable Sipe Depth

Variable Sipe Depth which Allows for Controlled Flexibility

Wide Shoulder Blocks

Wide Shoulder Block Which Enhance High-Speed Cornering and Lateral Grips

Four Circumferential Grooves

Four Circumferential Grooves that Disperses Water and Enhance Hydroplane Resistance

Falken is one of the biggest names in the tire industry which is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. This company started in Japan way back in 1983 and expanded to North America and Europe after just a few years. Falken focuses on bringing Ultra High Performance tires that are now being used by the professionals in motorsports. But on the other hand, Falken Tire also manufactures tires for light trucks, passenger cars, and medium trucks.

Because of its great quality and reputation, Falken Tire Corporation was able to participate in various motorsport activities and competitions. Some of them were the British Drift Championship, Tudor United Sports Car Championship IMSA, and the Formula Drift Series Formula D.

As the years passed by Falken's product range also grew. They offer customers with different series that are also used for different purposes and needs. You can choose from Standard Performance Tires, Ultra High Performance Falken, Performance Winter tires, and Competition DOT tires. This company's goal is to give you the best driving experience no matter what vehicle you're driving. To suit your needs, Falken creates tires with unique features which sets them apart from other brands. This company is known for its tires' sporty look, quiet sound, and excellent grip on any type of surface.

So if you want performance tires that are proven to be one of the bests in the world of motorsports and even for passenger users, then you should get one now from your trusted stores.


  • With 4 Nano Design Tread Compound for Superior Grip and Excellent Handling
  • Massive Sport Side Shoulder Block that gives Motorsports Level Grip and Unsurpassed Cornering Response
  • Solid Center Rib that Significantly Reduces Wheel Spin by Reducing Contact Patch Void Ratio Under heavy Acceleration
  • High-Tension Carcass


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