Hawk Performance LTS Light Truck & SUV Brake Pads

Hawk Performance LTS Light Truck & SUV Brake Pads

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Hawk Performance LTS Disc Brake Pads are ideal for you if you have bigger wheels, or drive a truck or SUV application which us used to haul moderate sized loads. They will improve your breaking power, give you great resistance to break fade, and produce less dust. Hawk Performance LTS Disc Brake Pads are manufactured from a high quality specially formulated compound.

Hawk Performance is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of premium friction components. Established in 1990, Hawk Performance is headquartered in Ohio and is a part of the Carlise Brake and Friction Group. While still relatively new to the industry, Hawk Performance has become a major player and has greatly contributed to the advancement of braking technology.

Due to its superior engineering and innovations, Hawk Performance's line of products has been used in various industries, including but not limited to automotive, military, agriculture, motorsports, and aerospace. These products go through Hawk Performance's state-of-the-art design and manufacturing process to ensure that they can meet or even exceed the OEM specification. Hawk Performance's quality engineering is implemented by top-tier brands including but not limited to Harley Davidson, Brembo, and Caterpillar. Hawk Performance has also been chosen as the official designer of the brake component used in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships.


Hawk Performance LTS Light Truck & SUV Brake Pads are the highest quality direct replacement brake pads. The brake pads guarantee to improve the stopping power of your SUV or pickup. They are manufactured from a Ferro-Carbon compound which was originally developed for racetrack applications. The Brake Pads' formulation has been modified to give a more advanced feel when huge off-road tires or towing needs put aggressive weight demands on your vehicle's braking systems. All Hawk brake Pads are engineered to the same tolerances as your vehicle's factory components to guarantee a perfect fit and effective operation.


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