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In 1989, well-regarded Japanese automaker Subaru started producing a new line of mid-size cars named "Legacy". Since its creation, the Legacy would be manufactured in six generations. The first generation (1989–1993) came with a completely new flat-4 engine series called the Subaru EJ engine. In comparison with the previous Subaru engines, the EJ engine was more powerful and more silent. The first Legacy cars were also offered with a 5-door wagon or 4-door sedan body styles. The second-generation (1993–1999) featured an entirely new body and chassis style along with AWD standard equipment. The third generation started in 1999 with some additional improvements like a raised roof, daytime running lamps, and cabin air filters. This generation was available with a manual or semi-automatic transmission.

The fourth generation (2003–2009) came with a new design and a turbocharged engine option with Subaru's first 5-speed automatic transmission. In order to honor the 20th anniversary of the model, Subaru released the fifth generation in 2009. This generation featured the new Lineartronic continuously variable transmission. In North America and Australia, 6-speed manual transmission was available as well. The sixth-generation was launched in 2014. This newest version is provided with Subaru's active safety system, called EyeSight. This innovative system observes the road through windshield-mounted cameras. This allows the vehicle to respond to any challenging conditions very quickly, resulting in optimal safety.

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For a better appearance and functionality, we offer exterior accessories like trailer hitches, bike racks, custom hoods, and wind deflectors. We also carry floor mats, cargo liners, seat covers, car seats, and many other interior accessories to maintain a cleaner look inside your vehicle. For a safer drive at darker locations, we have auxiliary lights, headlights, and a huge selection of high-quality lighting upgrades. You’re guaranteed fast delivery and reliable customer service when you buy your Subaru Legacy Parts from us. For top-of-the-market Subaru Legacy Parts and Accessories at an incredibly affordable price, look no further than TDot Performance.