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The Suzuki name goes back to 1909, so this company has more than 100 years’ worth of manufacturing experience. Suzuki is as well known for its motorcycles as its cars, so the products appeal to a wide audience of drivers. No matter what driving experience you prefer, you should find that Suzuki has a product that will fulfil your needs.

Suzuki is a Japanese automobile manufacturer highly regarded for their huge collection of automobiles, motorcycles, 4WDs, all-terrain rides and, marine engines. From the subcompact Suzuki Swift to the off-road efficient Suzuki SJ-410 to the Suzuki Vitara SUV, the company’s vehicle line-up incorporates fine craftsmanship and advanced automotive technology in their designs. For more than a century, Suzuki has been around to ensure not just an easy means of getting to point B from point A but also a smooth, safe and, comfortable driving solution. Today, Suzuki remains a household name for the modern driver and car enthusiasts. In order to take Suzuki’s excellence to a different level, the constantly evolving automotive industry has generated a huge variety of Suzuki aftermarket upgrades.

TDot Performance helps you accessorize

At TDot Performance, we provide drivers the best prices for the most efficient Suzuki Parts and Accessories. With our large collection of high-quality fuel systems, cooling systems, engine components, batteries, air intake systems, air filters, and exhaust systems. We offer highly efficient suspension system upgrades and performance chips which enhance stability and allow your Suzuki to effectively adapt to any driving circumstance. We improve your ride’s stopping efficiency through a selection of brake pads, brake rotors, and complete brake kits. TDot Performance carries exterior accessories like car covers, fender flares, side mirrors, off-road bumpers and tonneau covers for better functionality and aesthetics. We also offer interior accessories such as car seats, floor mats, steering wheels, and cargo liners to emphasize a cleaner inside appearance. Furthermore, we have lighting upgrades such as lightbars, off-road lights and, auxiliary lights for better driving visibility at night.

TDot Performance is a proudly Canadian dealer of high-quality aftermarket components and solutions. As a certified seller of globally renowned aftermarket brands like Flowmaster, Aries Automotive, Dee Zee, Rancho, and Spectre Performance. We guarantee that there are no customs, duties or brokerage fees when you buy your Suzuki Parts from us. What you see on our website is the exact amount you pay. To top it off, we honor every warranty bestowed by the original manufacturer.