Timbren Suspension Enhancement System

Timbren Suspension Enhancement System

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  • Timbren Suspension Enhancement System

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If you have problems with your suspension, then Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are the best solution for you. The Timbren SES kits enhance your load handling. Now it is effortless to haul weighty loads. The sag and sway are eradicated as well, thanks to the Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems. These systems are provided with effortless use, installation and maintenance. You can bolt on the kits easily. No drilling and no air lines to route are required.

The Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems provide you with high performance and safety. The road shocks are softened and consumed from the patented Aeon hollow rubber springs. These springs automatically adapt to rough loads and road conditions. Nowadays, trucks and trailers provide ordinary trailer suspensions and lower ride quality. But the Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are different – they will bring you enhanced roll stability and decreased sway. Of course, your truck, van, and SUV are created to perform most excellently under perfect road and load conditions. But nothing is perfect in the reality – and this is why Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems are the best option for you.