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Auto detailing: give your vehicle the love and care it deserves

The chances are good that your car is not as clean as you think it is. While you can take your vehicle to the neighborhood car wash, the automated brushes don't really clean your vehicle the way it should be cleaned. Your vehicle will end up with minor scratches, stains due to bird poop, and paint swirls. Thankfully, you can turn to DIY auto detailing, and TDot Performance has the products you need to ensure your vehicle is clean, inside and outside.

Why is auto detailing important?

Washing removes superficial contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. In doing so, it also removes the protective sealant, wax and sometimes even the clear coat. With no protection on the paintwork, it is exposed to pollutants and road debris and it will begin showing signs of deterioration. Proper auto detailing allows you to properly clean the interior without causing any damage to the surfaces.

A good DIY auto detailing can fix minor imperfections in your vehicle, while protecting it from the harsh elements. This, in turn, extends the life of your vehicle and maintains its resale value. Auto detailing can minimize the effects of depreciation while doing away the need for expensive repairs.

Superior auto detailing products

At TDot Performance, you can find high-quality auto detailing products. Whether you are looking for waxes and polishes, wheel and tire care products, interior care, brushes, glass cleaners or car care kits, we have them all.

We have an inventory of products from renowned brands such as Borla, WeatherTech, Bestop, AFE Power and Extang. We are authorized retailers for their products and therefore, you can be assured of quality. At TDot Performance, we want to ensure our customers feel proud while driving their vehicles and that is why we offer free shipping across Canada. You also don't have to worry about brokerage fees or customs duties; you will not have to pay those.

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