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TDot Performance is the Canadian driver's top dealer when it comes to the most efficient auto-detailing products and fundamental garage tools. We offer high-quality glass cleaners to maintain a cleaner look and ensure optimal driving visibility. For a complete collection of the best vehicle parts an accessories, there's not a more trusted retailer in Canada than TDot Performance.

The premium-quality glass cleaners from TDot Performance certify a quick cleaning action and an exceptionally-clear effect. The large amount of glass that your vehicle has is constantly being assaulted by detrimental dirt, harsh debris, and demanding weather conditions. Our glass cleaners are easy to apply so the whole cleaning process is certain to be quick and hassle-free. They make certain that your driving safety and visibility aren't compromised due to dirty windows, windscreens, and headlights. Integrating these cleaners is also essential to prevent potential long term glass damage caused by dirt and substances that have lingered. Some of these damages would be expensive to fix and some may even be downright impossible to remedy.

TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of the most highly-regarded manufacturers of automotive aftermarket upgrades such as Sonax, Weathertech, and Bestop. We guarantee all the products we carry are authentic and fully-sealed. As Canada's most trusted seller, we make certain that you won't find a lower price or a better deal anywhere else. If you need any assistance in purchasing your upgrades, please do contact us at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at and one of our experts will be more than happy to assist you.