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Automotive chemicals to keep your vehicle running smoothly

It goes without saying that if you want your vehicle to operate smoothly, you will have to invest in maintenance, and a major part of this maintenance is preventive in nature. Nearly every vehicle owner knows the important of lifting the hood and checking important fluids. If you do this regularly, you will bring down the cost of vehicle ownership while ensuring your vehicle runs well, without any problems.

Checking the coolant

At TDot Performance, you can get high-quality coolant that will help your vehicle run cool. When the coolant in the radiator runs low, the engine overheats, bringing your vehicle to a standstill. Royal Purple Coolant Purple Ice will ensure that you never have to experience this problem. Before you add fresh coolant, drain the radiator so that you don't end up mixing two different coolants.

Power steering fluid check

Power steering fluid helps the steering wheel operate easily and smoothly. When this fluid is running low, you will hear or feel a creak in the steering wheel, or you may hear strange noises while maneuvering the steering wheel. Royal Purple Max Ez-Power steering fluid is just what you need in such cases. Usually, the fluid does not run too low and topping it up should suffice. Make sure you check this fluid once a month, without fail.

Engine oil level

If you notice the oil level on the oil dipstick is low, you need to add engine oil. Depending on how old your vehicle is, you may have to replenish the engine oil quite frequently. It is best to check this fluid each time you fill gas. At TDot Performance, we also suggest you use K&N Air Filter Oil and Cleaners to ensure the air filters and oil filters in your vehicle are clean and cannot contaminate the engine oil.

Finding the best automotive chemicals

TDot Performance take pride in bringing you the best quality automotive chemicals to maintain your vehicle and ensure it works smoothly. We have a comprehensive inventory of all chemicals your vehicle may need. We offer free shipping throughout Canada, and you will not have to pay customs, duties and brokerage fees.

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Automotive Chemicals