TDot Performance is Canada's most trusted retailer for the industry's best auto-detailing components and essential garage tools. We offer high-quality AC chemicals to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle's air conditioner. These products efficiently cool and remove humidity from your air conditioner to elevate driving comfort especially when you're stuck in a traffic jam.


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Your ride's air conditioning plays a vital role in ensuring a cool and comfortable vehicle cabin. They efficiently remove humidity and ensure a breezy interior amidst a hot summer day. A/C chemicals, including air conditioning oils, leak detectors, sealers, and refrigerants are essential to maintain the proper functionality of your vehicle's air conditioner. The refrigerant efficiently picks up heat by evaporating at low pressure and temperature. If the level of refrigerant in your system is running low, it should be appropriately topped off or recharged. For the ideal air conditioning compressor functionality, specialized synthetic oils that provide better lubrication are utilized with the refrigerant. TDot Performance offers a huge assortment of A/C chemicals to accommodate your air conditioning needs and ensure that it always performs at peak level. We are trusted by the aftermarket industry's most well-regarded manufacturers like Mishimoto, Royal Purple, Wix Filters, and Flex-A-Lite to provide Canadian drivers the most efficient AC chemicals in the market.

As an authorized vendor, you can rest assured that all your orders are 100% authentic, fully-sealed, and duly backed by the official warranties provided by the original manufacturer. We are the go-to brand for the lowest rates and the best deals in the Canadian region. For drivers residing in Canada, all the products you buy from us come free from any customs, duties or brokerage fees. If you manage to come across another official seller with a lower rate than ours, do let us know and we will give you a deal that's sure to topple theirs! If you have inquiries regarding AC chemicals or any other automotive chemicals, please do contact us at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at and one of our experts will gladly help you out.