When it comes to the most essential automotive chemicals along with top-notch tools and equipment for your garage, TDot Performance is Canada's most complete dealer. We offer a selection of oil additives to supplement your motor oil and improve engine protection. These additives are outstanding and precise solutions for damaged engines that need more than just an oil change.


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Supplement the efficiency of your motor oil and improve engine protection by utilizing reliable oil additives. These motor oil additives have three basic roles which include improving the existing base oil properties with antioxidants, corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam agents, and demulsifying agents. They also control detrimental base oil properties through pour-point depressants and viscosity index improvers. What's more, they bestow new properties to base oils with extreme pressure additives, detergents, and metal deactivators.

TDot Performance offers a vast range of oil additives that are designed to enhance the performance and longevity of even the most beaten engines. We have zinc oil additives that feature ZDDP (ZincDialkylDithioPhosphate), an essential anti-wear additive that generates a thin film on metal components to reduce camshaft lobe damage on older flat-tappet camshafts, especially on performance engines with stiff valve springs. This additive restores the appropriate ZDDP content so drivers of classic and muscle cars can fully enjoy their ride while suiting government emission regulations and significantly decreasing the chances of engine damage. We are trusted by renowned aftermarket manufacturers such as Royal Purple, aFE Power, Banks Power, Mr. Gasket, and Edelbrock to provide drivers in Canada the most efficient oil additives in the industry.

As a progressive and reputable dealer, we guarantee an exceptional shipment system to your location in Canada that's free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. What's more, we offer the best deals and the lowest rates you'll ever find in the Canadian region. What you see in our website is the only amount you pay plus, if you manage to find another official seller with a better price than ours, contact us and we will give you a deal that's way better than theirs. If you have further inquiries regarding the best oil additives for your needs, please do give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 or send us an email at [email protected] and someone from our team will gladly help you out.