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When it comes to high-quality garage accessories like storage bags, bike stands, tool boxes, and wheel chocks, TDot Performance carries all the upgrades you'll ever need to properly organize your garage. These tools and equipment not only certify a cleaner garage but also a more spacious one. As a reputable retailer, we couple a better storage room with the best prices you'll ever find in the Canadian region.

Garage accessories to keep your garage organized and neat

At TDot Performance, we offer a wide range of garage accessories that can help you organize your garage so that it looks neat and the items stored inside do not take up valuable space. We realize that in most homes, the garage becomes a storage place for items that people no longer need but don't want to discard. As a result, your garage can get overcrowded and soon you will not have space to park your vehicle.

Parking your vehicle outdoors and exposing it to the elements can damage the exterior and hasten structural damage. Hence, it makes sense to invest in garage accessories so that you can reclaim the space and ensure your vehicle can be ensconced safely. Remember, where you routinely park your vehicle will also have a profound effect on your auto insurance, so if you park your vehicle within the safety of your garage, it can help bring down your vehicle insurance rate.

Shop by brand at TDot Performance

At TDot Performance, you can shop by brand. This mode of shopping can be convenient, especially if you still don't know the kind of garage accessories you need. We have products from renowned brands such as Dee Zee, Bestop, WeatherTech, Thule, Lund Proline, Go Rhino, Swagman and many more.

Whether you are looking for a utility box to store your automotive tools safely and neatly or you want a bicycle stand for your children's bicycles, you will be able to find it at TDot Performance. We also offer a rather good collection of lug nut organizers, indoor mats, boot trays, storage bags and wall-mounted storage solutions that are designed especially for the garage.

Quality garage accessories at affordable prices

We take great pride in offering you the lowest prices for garage accessories, without compromising on quality. We can offer these prices because we are authorized retailers for these brands. We provide free shipping and do not charge customs, duties or brokerage fees, thereby saving you a lot of money into the bargain.

Browse through our garage accessories today to find the right accessories for your garage. You will not regret it.

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