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The history of Toyota Land Cruiser began over fifty-five years ago as a new line of four-wheel drive, off-road vehicles manufactured by the famous Japanese automaker Toyota. Land Cruiser is considered as Toyota's longest running series. Through its long history, Toyota Land Cruiser has been produced in several generations.

The first generation started in 1951 as a series of Jeep-like vehicles called "BJ". They featured 2-door softtop body style and 104.3 inches wheelbase. Two engine options were provided – 3.4 L B I6 and 3.9 L F I6 engine. The type "F" gasoline engine was introduced in 1954 and a new model, named "FJ" was presented as a result.

In 1955, the second generation has started. It was called "20 Series" and featured more civilian look than the previous generation. The "20 Series" was available in four body styles: 2-door softtop, 2-door hardtop, 2-door pickup truck, and 5-door station wagon. In 1960, Toyota introduced a third generation – the "40 Series". Nowadays, Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series is considered by many as a true classic. The 40 Series came with a new 93 kW (126 PS; 125 hp), 3.9 L F engine and 3-speed manual transmission. Since 1974, a 4-speed manual transmission option has been available. The next generation was presented in 1984 with the nameplate "J70". It was available in a variety of body styles: 2-door utility truck, 2-door softtop / hardtop / troopie, and 4-door van. This generation is equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and is still available today.

Besides all these off-road models, the Land Cruiser series also includes some comfort oriented vehicles. Their story began over in 1967 with the "55 Series". The Land Cruiser 55 featured 4-door station wagon body style and 106.3 inches wheelbase. This generation came with 3-speed or 4-speed manual transmission. Two engine types were offered as well: 3.9 L F I6 and 4.2 L 2F I6 engine.

The next generation (the "60 Series") started in 1980. It came with increased wheelbase and a full size SUV body style. The 60 Series models were equipped with improved interior as well as some additional features, like air conditioning and rear heater. Toyota introduced the next generation ("80 Series") in 1990. It was equipped with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Four engine options were provided: 4.0 L 3F-E I6, 4.5 L 1FZ-FE I6, 4.2 L 1HZ I6 diesel, and 4.2 L 1HD-T I6 turbo diesel. The wheelbase was increased to 112.2 inches. But in 1996, Lexus LX 450 has replaced the Land Cruiser on the Canadian market.

Another generation was released in 1998 – the "100 Series". The models from this period featured 4-door wagon body style and came with Toyota's Night View – an innovative automotive night vision system. In 2007, Toyota launched the newest generation – the "200 Series". It is available with a new design and 5-door SUV body style. The suspension was upgraded and new brake rotors and calipers were provided.

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