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In 1984, the Japanese automaker Toyota introduced a new series of two-seat, small, economical and sporty cars named the MR2. The Toyota MR2 models featured a transverse mid-engine, a rear-wheel-drive layout, and were manufactured in three generations. The first generation (1984–1989) came as a 2-door coupé with a 91.3-inch wheelbase. This generation was equipped with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. Three engine options were provided as well: 1.5L 3A-LU I4, 1.6L 4A-GE DOHC I4, and 1.6L 4A-GZE supercharged I4 engine.

In 1990, Toyota presented the second generation (it became available on the North American market as a 1991 model). This generation came with a new design and more rounded, streamlined styling. The vehicles from this period were bigger and weightier than the previous generation. A new body style was also released in addition to the coupé – a T-top body style.

The third generation was launched in 1999 and came with the name, Spyder. The Spyder featured a 2-door convertible body style and a 96.5-inch wheelbase. It was provided with a 1.8L 1ZZ-FED I4 engine and either 5-speed or 6-speed manual transmission. In 2007, the Toyota MR2 Series would be discontinued.

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Update the appearance of this sports car with exterior accessories such as body kits, spoilers, and wind deflectors. In relation to that, keep the interiors looking clean and sharp by installing interior upgrades such as custom gauges, floor mats, and car seats. Other Toyota MR2 Parts and Accessories we carry include a large assortment of lighting upgrades as well as fundamental automotive tools that make installation easier. Expect a fast shipment and superb customer service when you buy your Toyota MR2 Parts from us. Guaranteed to have the best prices in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance for the upgrades that will unlock your vehicle's peak performance.