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Toyota is an industry giant known for engineering high-quality cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids. This Japanese Automotive Conglomerate has been designing and manufacturing standards-setting vehicles for over seven decades. Toyota vehicles not only let you move from point A to point B but their progressive design makes certain that every journey is safe and comfortable. As the years passed, Toyota has produced some of the most highly regarded vehicle models including the refined midsize Camry, the reliable Tundra pick-up truck, the family-friendly CR-V SUV, and the elegant Prius hybrid car. Toyota guarantees smooth handling, unrelenting durability, and an extensive lifespan as their vehicles integrate excellent craftsmanship and the latest in driving technology. To elevate the quality of the Toyota to a whole new level, car enthusiasts incorporate the latest aftermarket upgrades.

With regards to where to buy the most innovative Toyota Parts and Accessories, TDot Performance is the proudly Canadian Vendor that provides the modern driver with the automotive industry’s best upgrades. We carry a large collection of reliable and precise components to precisely suit different needs. To effectively improve your Toyota’s power and driving efficiency, we suggest installing one of our superior batteries, cooling systems, ignition systems, suspension systems, air intake systems, fuel systems, exhaust systems, engine components, performance chips, turbochargers, and braking components. These performance components are manufactured using high-quality materials, so you can expect them to work reliably and consistently. Drivers can enhance their Toyota’s looks and maximize its functionality through our huge range of exterior accessories like car covers, chrome trims, mud flaps, and off-road bumpers. We also prevent dirt and other detrimental components from damaging your vehicle’s insides by utilizing interior accessories such as floor mats, cargo liners, door sills, and seat covers. For better drivability at night, we offer light bars, headlights, fog lights, and many other lighting components to bestow the brightest illumination.

TDot Performance is an authorized dealer of top aftermarket designers and manufacturers such as Curt Manufacturing, Flowtech, Holley, Magnaflow, and Truxedo. We guarantee that all the Toyota Parts and Accessories you purchase from us are authentic, properly sealed, and come with the best prices you’ll ever find in Canada. Furthermore, our Toyota aftermarket upgrades are backed by the official warranty provided by the official manufacturer.