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In 2000, renowned Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota came out with a new series of full-size SUVs called "Sequoia". Currently, the Sequoia is the largest SUV that has been produced under the Toyota brand. The Toyota Sequoia features a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive/four-wheel drive layout and was manufactured in two generations since its birth.

The first Toyota Sequoia generation (2001–2007) was provided with an engine, dashboard, and chassis similar to that of the Toyota Tundra. Adding to that, the Sequoia came with a 118.1 in. wheelbase. This magnificent vehicle featured three 4.7L engine options and a 4 or 5-speed automatic transmission. Two trim levels were offered: the SR5 and Limited. In 2005, the Sequoia was upgraded with a new engine and a redesigned exterior.

In 2008, the second generation was launched. It was available with a fully boxed frame and a rear independent suspension with double wishbones. The new Toyota Sequoia features a longer wheelbase and was offered in three trim lines: the SR5, Limited, and the new Platinum. The second generation also comes with a 5 or 6-speed automatic transmission and three engine options – 4.7L 2UZ-FE V8 08-09 276 hp (206 kW), 5.7L 3UR-FE V8 381 hp (284 kW), and 4.6L 1UR-FE V8 310 hp (231 kW) engine. The Sequoia is provided with a wide range of safety features such as Vehicle Stability Control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, brake assist, electronic brake-force distribution, and many more.

If you're looking to make a statement on the road, you can be certain that integrating Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Parts to be a reliable solution. At TDot Performance, we never compromise on quality. Our top-of-the-line Toyota Sequoia parts and accessories will ensure that your vehicle is the talk of the town. For the better drivability of this powerful SUV, we carry a huge collection of suspension systems, fuel systems, air filters, air intake systems, and performance chips to bring forth a next-level performance. We have exhaust systems and brake upgrades to ensure a smoother acceleration and more precise braking.

TDot Performance offers bike racks, off-road bumpers, and many other exterior accessories to fully protect the Sequoia and improve its functionality. We also have interior accessories like car seats, custom gauges, and floor mats. Lightbars, fog lights, headlights, and other high-quality lighting upgrades significantly improve the Sequoia’s illumination and visibility at night. When you buy your Toyota Sequoia Parts and Accessories from TDot Performance, you’re certified brand new and well-packaged products that are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranties. Coupled by the best prices you’ll ever find in all of Canada, look no further than TDot Performance for your vehicle's peak performance.