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The Triumph Motor Company is known for its great-looking car designs that showcase a timeless and classic appearance. This brand is responsible for easy-to-handle and eye-catching models like the Spitfire two-seat sports car, the sleek TR7 and, the GT6 sports coupe. Now considered as vintage models, aftermarket automotive components are essential to keep Triumph vehicles fully operational. For owners of timeless Triumph Vehicles, TDot Performance is the reliable source for the most efficient parts and accessories.

As an authorized retailer, we are trusted by highly regarded aftermarket manufacturers to provide car enthusiasts all over Canada, their latest and most innovative upgrades. We offer products by Optima, Koni, Mr. Gasket, Stoptech, Wix Filters and, Covercraft. All the products we carry are certified to be original, brand new and, fully sealed. When you buy your Triumph Parts from us, expect all the warranties given by the original manufacturer to be duly honored. Furthermore, TDot Performance promises a quick shipment to your location in Canada that takes only three to five working days.

h2>Triumph engines

TDot Performance are one of the biggest providers of Triumph engine products and parts in Canada. From classic engine components to fuel system parts to complete ignition systems, we have everything you could possibly need to keep your Triumph running.

Triumph lights

For top style and great visibility on the road, you’ll need to ensure your Triumph is equipped with top quality lights. We have a number of replacement bulbs available in different sizes for a variety of Triumph models, as well as a series of off-road lights that can help your car travel down dark dirt roads confidently and safely.

TDot Performance offers the best prices for all the Triumph Parts and Accessories you could ever need. Power and performance are certain to be significantly improved when you replace your stock components with our high-quality air intake systems, air filters, exhaust systems, ignition systems, and, cooling systems. We have precise performance chips and suspension upgrades to ensure stability and allow the Triumph to adapt to different driving conditions. What’s more, we carry brake rotors, brake pads, brake kits and, many other brake components that emphasize an excellent and precise stoppage power. TDot Performance also offers exterior accessories like car covers to improve the Triumph’s resilience and longevity.