Volant Black Polyethylene Cold Air Intake

Volant Black Polyethylene Cold Air Intake

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  • Volant Black Polyethylene Cold Air Intake
  • Volant Black Polyethylene Cold Air Intake
  • Volant Black Polyethylene Cold Air Intake
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Cooler air means denser air with more oxygen. When your engine receives more oxygen, both the combustion and the horsepower are improved. The Volant Cool Air Intake Kit with Pro 5 Filter and Airbox (15062) is an air intake system, which includes an airbox. This airbox provides the air filter with fully insulation from engine heat. Cool air is the only thing, which enters into your engine. This leads to faster throttle response, enhanced acceleration and superior fuel economy. The Volant Cool Air Intake Kit is custom created for every application. This air intake kit operates with OEM computer system.

Most cool air intake kits on the market fail to deliver enough cool air to your engine, because they contain barriers in order to protect the air filter from engine heat. But the Volant Cool Air Intake Kit with Pro 5 Filter and Airbox is quite different. With this exceptional air intake system you get fully insulation and protection for your air filter from engine heat, moisture, dust and debris û and all this comes without cool air restriction, thanks to the Volant sealed Cool Airbox.

The Volant Cool Airbox is constructed to shelter a huge free-flowing Pro 5 Air Filter. The Volant Pro 5 Air Filter is manufactured from high quality cotton filter media. This filter media is available with 5 layers of protection. It is washable and reusable as well. With the Volant Pro 5 Air Filter your engine output will be increased without air restriction. This air filter uses accurate pleat geometry to enhance the airflow throughout the intake system. The Airbox air intake is situated on a place, which allows the air filter to draw in only cooler, circulating air. The air filter can be reached for servicing, thanks to a beautiful polished aluminum or carbon fiber look lid.

After passing through the Airbox, the cool air advances to your engine via Volant's Cross-Link polyethylene air duct. Most OEM air ducts have sound baffles and create embarrassing bends. But the Volant air duct is much more different. VolantÆs engineers designed the air duct to provide the engine with improved breathing. The Volant air duct combines bigger diameters and innovative bends. These bends cannot be copied with metal ducts. Most metal ducts eliminate the meaning of a cool air intake. But the polyethylene VolantÆs air duct is dissimilar to these typical metal ducts, because it does not send the engine heat right into the intake airflow. This is why with the VolantÆs air duct you get highest airflow velocity and faster throttle response.

The Volant Cool Air Intake Kit is available with all you need for the installation. The package also contains comprehensive instructions for even easier installation. All clamps and connectors are produced from high grade materials. The silicone connectors bring flexibility, but at the same time they keep strength and thermal stability. These unparalleled silicone connectors are more durable than the rubber connectors û they will not break or deform over time. A sturdy seal that won't loosen or degrade is available, thanks to the marine-grade stainless steel clamps. The Volant Cool Air Intake Kit with Pro 5 Filter and Airbox is constructed in the U.S.A. and is available with a one-year warranty.

Volant manufactures innovative cool air intake systems. The company merges creative ideas with precise planning. And the result is air intake systems that guarantee the engine takes in cool air and nothing else. Volant creates unique sealed air intakes with Cool Air Box. These air intakes are not similar to the open element style systems with "air dams". Every system is particularly created for each application. VolantÆs engineers carefully test all air intake systems. This is why VolantÆs air intake systems are always better improved than the factory air intake system. With Volant cool air intake systems you may drive for many thousands of miles while you get reliable performance at the same time. Volant produces all its air intake systems in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in the U.S.A.

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