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The history of Volkswagen Golf has begun more than 30 years ago, when the German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen introduced a new line of small family cars, named "Golf". This is probably Volkswagen's best-selling model and one of the world’s best-selling models. The Golf is also known as Volkswagen Rabbit in the United States and Canada, and as Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico. Volkswagen Golf was manufactured in seven generations.

The first generation (1974–1983) was called Mk1 and came as a replacement of the Volkswagen Beetle. This generation was built on the Volkswagen Group A1 platform. The second generation (MK2) came in 1983 with slightly bigger wheelbase, exterior and interior dimensions. Eight years later, the third generation was started. It was again available with slightly bigger dimensions. New engine options were offered as well. The fourth generation (1997–2010) included some new high-performance models.

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (the fifth generation) was introduced in 2003. The Mk5 was built on the Volkswagen Group A5 (PQ35) platform and was equipped with a 2.5 L five-cylinder engine. The same platform was also utilized in Mk6 (the sixth generation). It featured more aerodynamic design and better fuel efficiency. Volkswagen Mk6 was also more silent in comparison with the previous Golf models. The seventh generation was launched in 2012 and was built on the new Volkswagen Group MQB platform. This newest generation is slightly bigger, but lighter than Mk6. Volkswagen also offers electric versions of the Golf, such as Volkswagen e-Golf.

During its long history, Volkswagen Golf has become a true legend. This car enjoys great popularity all over the world and has won a lot of awards, including the 2013 World Car of the Year award. If you're looking for Volkswagen Golf Accessories and Parts, there is no place better than TDot Performance. We make no compromises on quality and guarantee you only the very best for your car with the best prices!