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Enhance your driving experience in the Canadian Region with new aftermarket wheels and tires. Here at TDot Performance, you can find the largest and most complete selection of wheels and tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Whether you need to add glossy black cast aluminum alloy wheels or rugged winter tires, our comprehensive inventory list includes everything you need to upgrade your ride with a head-turning look and smoother performance. At our shop, expect high-performance aftermarket rims and tires that come with quick and reliable shipping, five-star rating customer service, and the lowest prices in Canada.

To guarantee a precise fit, our selection of car and truck wheels and tires range in sizes, bolt patterns, offsets, and custom finishes. As the Canadian driver’s top source for top-quality alloy wheels, our collection of aftermarket rims includes that of every major wheel manufacturer, from A to Z. Available are custom on and off-road wheels, which include modern, classic, racing, and vintage American Muscle rollers. Your new aftermarket wheels are suitably paired with top-quality tires and TDot Performance offers the best of the best. Whether you need a winter tire set for better stability in the snowy regions of Canada or all-season tires that complement your gorgeous rims, there’s no other shop in Canada that lets you buy the best rims and tires for an exceptionally cheap price.

We are proud to carry custom wheels and wheel packages for virtually every application and at the most unbeatable prices in all of Canada. Looking for the right type and size of wheels in Canada to match your car or truck? Just give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 and our professionals with help you out.

What is the Difference of a Wheel Vs a Tire?

A vehicle’s wheels and tires are essential components that ensure safe and smooth travel over land. Wheels are rounded metal components intended to rotate around an axle. Wheels come with two essential parts, the rim and the disc. Both of these play an essential role in ensuring the complete functionality of your wheels and tires. Wheels are available in various styles to suit different vehicle appearances as well as different colors that include chrome, matte black, and bronze among others. Meanwhile, the tire is the ring-shaped rubber component that is wrapped around the wheel. Its main features are the tread and the body. The tread ensures the reliable movement generated by the tire when force is applied against a surface. Meanwhile, the body allows the containment of the ideal amount of compressed air.


One of the most noticeable and impressive ways the Canadian driver can customize a vehicle is the addition of custom wheels and tires. One of the most wish-listed upgrades for a vehicle, adding stylish aftermarket rims to your car or truck will, without a doubt, turn heads and make a tremendous impact on the overall experience of your ride. New aftermarket cars or truck wheels pave the way for a more exclusive appearance and improved driving enjoyment in Canada. Aftermarket wheels come in different finishes and configurations to effectively match your ride’s look and specifications. There are so many different options out there so taking a few minutes to review your list of choices is a good idea.

Customizing your wheels can be broken down into three different categories: rims, tires, and accessories. Choosing the right ones will have a massive impact on the way your car looks in both on and off-road locations. Fuel your love for driving and racing with our complete selection of the best car and truck wheels and tires in Canada. Here's a closer look at each of the three different rim customization options.


When most people think of wheel customization, they think of rims. Rims are essentially used as slang for the wheel that your tires will be placed over. Aftermarket wheels are generally available in chrome, steel, or matte black but other colors and finishes may be available as well. The main thing to consider when choosing a rim is the overall style. Custom car or truck wheels are a great way to add exclusivity and showcase your ride’s personality when driving across Canada. Designers offer a huge assortment of choices to select, from simple rims that are low profile to thick and complex designs that will garner feelings of envy and plenty of stares from others. From aluminum alloy rims or mag wheels, these aftermarket and custom upgrades are built to withstand various driving conditions in Canada. What’s more, drivers in Canada will ultimately need to match their tire size to their rims.


Tires should complement both the rims and the car as a whole. For trucks and SUVs, large, knobby truck tires with lots of tread and a rugged stance will look great with your new aftermarket wheels while also ensuring it’s easier to head off-road and into tough terrain without worry. For cars, low-profile, sleek, and stylish tires are a good option. Most of today's tires are made for longevity, and you should get plenty of use out of them before having to replace them. Again, consider your vehicle's style and what you're using the tires for to find the ones that work best for what you need. Don't forget to match up sizes and ensure that you choose the tires that fit the rims you've placed on your vehicle.


Finally, there are numerous useful rim and tire accessories that you may want to look at. Things like valve caps, which can be customized with different colors or with a light-up option, as well as center caps or even valve stems. There are also lug nut caps in various colors that help highlight the rims you've chosen through a special design and vivid color. Adding the right accessories to custom wheels is a great way for drivers in Canada to complete a look and help their vehicle truly stand out in a big way.

It's also worth mentioning that drivers in Canada can add wheel spacers to their setup. These are durable and useful spacers that add performance and style by pushing your wheels slightly outward from the base of the car. This is useful for widening your vehicle's track and assisting with handling while also adding a sporty, wide-stance look that many gearheads love. They'll work with almost any rim and tire setup, plus they are a low-cost way to increase a vehicle’s performance and appearance.

Are They Called Wheels or Rims?

The words “wheel” and “rim” are often used interchangeably when talking about the metal component that a vehicle’s tire is mounted onto. In car culture, the word rim is often used as slang for aftermarket or decorative wheels. Fundamentally, the rim is just one component that makes up your wheels. More specifically, it is the outside edge of the wheels that’s useful in ensuring the tire is held in place. Meanwhile, the term “wheel” is the proper term to describe the complete assembly.

What are the Four Types of Wheels?

Wheels may be categorized into four distinct types so drivers in Canada can select and add the proper ones to effectively accommodate their truck or car’s setup. These include steel, alloy, forged/cast, and split rim variations. Steel variations offer immense durability to overcome demanding weather conditions and driving styles. With their heavy build, these wheels are strictly for utility and not so much for style. However, they may put a strain on the axle and decrease the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. Alloy wheels are the common and arguably the most popular variation in the market. Thanks to their outstandingly lightweight build, alloy wheels efficiently improve a vehicle’s fuel economy. Available in unique styles and finishes, aftermarket alloy wheels add a more appealing look to your vehicle. The downside when you select alloy wheels is that they have a risk of sustaining curb rash and other damages plus they are more expensive than steel wheels.

To manufacture steel or alloy wheels, engineers would either cast or forge them. Cast wheels would imply that the metal is melted down to a liquid form and poured into a mold. When it cools, it adapts to the shape of the mold. Meanwhile, forged wheels would be milled out of a solid block of billet aluminum to produce a lighter build than cast wheels. Their extensive manufacturing procedure guarantees that forged wheels are lighter and stronger than their cast alternative. Lastly, for split-rim wheels, you can find several small bolts lining the outer part of the rim. These bolts add the necessary stability as split rims are engineered with two or three parts. There are a lot of replica split rims out there that only have the look of a split rim, but their bolts are purely cosmetic and don’t serve any purpose.

Rims & Tires in Canada

Looking for cheap yet efficient car or truck aftermarket wheels and tires in Canada? Perhaps new rugged tires for your off-road adventures or sleek alloy rims to showcase your ride’s personality while driving all over Canada? Regardless of what it is you need, you've come to the right place. Here at TDot Performance, we have one of the most distinguished and complete online catalogs for rims and tires. We carry thousands of products in stock that are rapidly expanding. For drivers in Canada, our authorized online shop promises 100% authentic and brand-new custom wheels and aftermarket tires that precisely fit your car or truck. What’s more, we guarantee the lowest prices in Canada on all the offered aftermarket wheels and tires for your car or truck. Not to mention you get free shipping as long as you ship to a Canadian address!

With useful descriptions provided for all the aftermarket wheels and every product available on our site, our customers can easily read, learn, select, and add the appropriate parts to their wish list. TDot Performance garners overwhelmingly positive ratings from drivers in Canada not just for our complete collection of wheels and tires for cars and trucks but also for our reliable customer service. To learn more about the best custom wheels and aftermarket tires in Canada or if you need assistance, you can contact us at 1-800-276-7566 or you can send us an email at sales@tdotperformance.ca. Our experts are more than happy to help you select and add the appropriate products for your vehicle make and model.