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TDot Performance is a trusted retailer that offers the latest and most essential tire and wheel accessories. These components make certain that the great-look and reliable quality of your wheels and tires are maintained for a long-time. From wheel covers to wheel center caps to trim sensors, we guarantee the most complete collection of high-end accessories you'll ever find in all of Canada.

Why do I Need Tire & Wheel Accessories?

Buying new tires and wheels for your vehicle can be an important an costly decision. What style do I want? What material is the best for my needs? What finish and color matches my vehicle? Quality tires help keep you safe on the road during rain and snow storms, so it is extremely important that they are installed properly. Specific tires also make it possible to enjoy some of the finer pleasures in life, like off-roading and drag racing! Your rims and wheels are just as important as your tires. The wheel style, weight, finish, and color are clearly important for turning heads. But the material of your wheel also affects the weight of your car and its subsequent handling and gas mileage.

Because your tires and wheels are the most visible (and sometimes one of the most expensive) part of your vehicle, they need to be maintained properly. TDot Performance carries a variety of tire and wheel accessories to help you do just that. Our air tanks help you fill your tires on the go while our brake dust shields help protect you from the harmful asbestos particles that your OEM brakes might release (All EBC, StopTech, Centric Parts, and Hawk Performance brakes are made Asbestos-free, and you can find them all at TDot Performance!).

Tire & Wheel Accessories in Canada

TDot Performance carries a variety of tire and wheel accessories at the lowest prices in Canada. We carry everything from lug nuts and wheel covers to tire inflators and tire chains. All wheels and tire accessories are shipped to your door and you are never charged any customs duties or brokerage fees. Give us a call at 1-800-276-7566 if you can't find a particular part and we will be happy to assist you.