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Tires at TDot Performance

If you're looking for new properly-sized tires that ensure smoother acceleration and braking, then choosing the high-quality tire collection at TDot Performance is certain to exceed expectations. We are a tire center for the most awe-inspiring designs that are sure to set your truck, passenger car, CUV, or SUV apart from the rest. Our large tire rack offers rugged-looking tires to match your sleek wheels and elevate the way people see your ride. Great looks are matched with superb functionality as the tires we sell are integrated with the latest in modern driving technology. The proper performance tires ensure safety and comfort for both your vehicle and its passengers. Flat repairs can be a hassling and high-stress task. To take a huge load off your shoulders, all the tires we carry prioritize unbeatable strength and durability that perfectly couples the aggressive appearance.

Trusted Tire Brands

Lauded with fantastic reviews and high ratings all over the internet, TDot Performance guarantees the list of high-performance tires we have are original, brand new, well-packed, and free from defects. Highly regarded names such as Michelin, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Bridgestone, Pro Comp Tires, and BFGoordich have us as their most trusted retailer for their tires in Canada. Our shop offers a complete list of their newest high-performance, all-season, CUV, and many other tire variations. This also means that the new set of tires you purchase from TDot Performance comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. When it comes to obtaining the latest tire designs for a cost-efficient price, no other brand bestows exceptional services and fast deliveries like TDot Performance.

Types of Tires

As a progressive company, our online store places great emphasis on precision and performance. We carry a complete list of the most popular tire designs to accommodate different needs. With an outstandingly large tire collection, we see to it that an accurate fit to your vehicle by size, tread type, and matched rims is certified. Our performance tires come in various speed ratings and load index numbers to ensure customers would be able to find and add a proper set that fits their application. Whether you need off-road efficient tires, daily driving tires, winter-appropriate tires, all-season tires, CUV, or SUV tires, our tire rack assures you’ll find the most ideal solution.

Winter Tires

For individuals looking to conquer the harsh cold climates and the snowy season, our store carries a broad selection of very reliable high-quality winter tires that come in a variety of sizes. This specific kind of tire is built to ensure superb traction and smooth performance on the snow, ice, and the coldest winter seasons. The tire's rubber is softer and more flexible to adapt effortlessly to the cold road. You'll also see deeper tread depths and specialized tread designs for extreme winter weather. Regardless of how freezing the winter gets, you can rely on these special cold-season tires to get your vehicle through.

Summer Tires

The counterpart of winter tires, summer tires are designed with a rubber compound that emphasizes better traction and drivability on both dry and wet roads but in warmer conditions. Their wet traction works only with rain and not on the heavy snow and sleet brought upon by winter. Established in different sizes, you'll see orbital grooves and detailed patterns on the treads of summer tires which provide the best dry road performance in the summertime.

All-Season Tires

All-season performance tires merge the characteristics of summer and winter tires to provide smooth handling on the highway along with excellent traction on wet, dry, and light snow surfaces. As the name implies, choosing to integrate a new set of all-season tires ensures high performance and driving stability during any season of the year. These tires are typically designed with a symmetrical tread pattern and set with circumferential grooves for a better grip on wet surfaces. All-season tires are engineered for those who do not want to change their vehicle's tires every summer or winter but are also in search of tires that offer confident driving, optimized wear life, fuel efficiency, and resilience.

All-Terrain Tires

Featuring a more aggressive tread pattern, all-terrain tires see to it that your vehicle has the necessary traction and stability to ride across off-road environments. These tires have larger-sized tread blocks and more voids to handle gravel, sand, and light mud. Adding to that, the off-road vehicle benefits from these tires as their rugged look and details combine well with sleek aftermarket wheels to produce an overall dominant aesthetic.

Track and Competition Tires

For those in search of a sporty feel plus and more responsive handling and better cornering, choosing to install a new set of high-performance tires will see to it that your vehicle gets those and more. Rarely used for daily driving, high-performance tires are often engineered with robust body dimensions, sidewall reinforcements, and an outstanding speed rating. Performance tires are designed for vehicles that are utilized on extremely demanding and ultra-high-performance applications. Choosing these tires entails a refined and ultra-reliable quality that racks up victories in the track and other demanding competitions. When matched with aftermarket wheels, they add an unrelenting vibe that's sure to get under the skin of your competition.

Unbeatable Prices and Free Shipping When You Buy at TDot Performance

Search and check reviews all over the internet and you'll find that there's no other retailer in Canada with a higher rating and more trusted than us. Regardless of whether you're in search of all-season, ultra-high-performance, or winter tires to improve drivability and complement your wheels, TDot Performance offers a complete tire rack with the lowest prices you’ll ever find in Canada. As a verified vendor, all the high-performance tires that you find on our site and add to your cart are 100% original and brand new. We guarantee only proper solutions for your passenger car, truck, SUV, or CUV as all the aftermarket vehicle tires we carry come in a plethora of sizes and configurations. When you buy your aftermarket vehicle tires from our online store, you'll get free shipping anywhere in Canada. Whether you're from Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal, our store will ensure you're never charged for customs, duties, brokerage, or any shipping fee. Our shipping system has a five-star rating as it is also reliably quick, ensuring it only takes three to five working days for your orders to arrive at your front door.

TDot Performance’s customer-friendly website makes it easy to navigate and find the best fit. With full tire details including diameter size, load index, and speed rating provided, choosing the ideal tires for your passenger car, truck, CUV, or Jeep has never been more hassle-free. With a comprehensive list, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping, we guarantee you won't see any other authorized online store with better deals or packages than us! For further details or inquiries on aftermarket tires, wheels, or any other vehicle components and packages, you can contact us via our email address: We carry more performance tires and high-quality vehicle products than listed on our website so contact us if you can't find what you are looking for. Our customer service is more than glad to help you search and buy the proper sizes for your vehicle make and model.