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Tires at TDot Performance

If you’re looking for new tires that ensure smoother acceleration and braking then the high quality tire collection at TDot Performance is certain to exceed expectations. We are a tire centre for the most awe-inspiring designs that are sure to set your ride apart from the rest. Great looks are matched with superb functionality as the tires we sell are integrated with the latest in modern driving technology. Flat repairs can be a hassling task which is why all the tires we carry prioritize unbeatable strength and durability that perfectly couples the aggressive appearance.

Trusted Tire Brands

TDot Performance guarantees the tires you purchase are brand new, well-packed and free from defects. Highly regarded names such as Michelin, Uniroyal, Yokohama, Bridgestone and BFGoordich have us as their most trusted retailer in Canada. When it comes to obtaining the latest tire designs for a cost efficient price, no other brand bestows exceptional services and fast deliveries like TDot Performance.

Types of Tires

As a progressive company, we place great emphasis on precision. We carry just about any popular tire design to accommodate different needs. With an outstandingly large tire collection, we certify an accurate fit to your vehicle by size, tread type and matched rims. Whether you need off-road efficient tires, daily driving tires or SUV tires, we assure you of the most ideal solution.

Winter Tires

For individuals looking to conquer the harsh cold climates, we also carry very reliable winter tires. This specific kind of tire is built to ensure superb traction on the snow and ice. The tire’s rubber is softer and more flexible in order to adapt effortlessly to the cold road. They also have deeper tread depths and specialized tread designs for extreme winter weather. Regardless on how freezing it gets, you can rely on these special tires to get you through.