Aftermarket wheels are manufactured to take the place of bland factory variants and enhance the aggressive personality of your ride. When it comes to the best wheels and tires in the industry, there's not a more complete retailer in Canada than TDot Performance. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or are aiming to conquer off-road challenges, we offer a large selection of truck, SUV, and car rims to precisely suit your needs and preferences. As the most well-regarded auto parts dealer in Canada, we guarantee the lowest prices for the most resilient and eye-catching vehicle rims.


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Aftermarket wheels do more than just improve the aesthetics of your vehicle for the world to see. The details of these rims typically emphasize an outstandingly lightweight build that will completely change your ride's drivability for the better. The automotive industry continuously evolves and with its growth comes the development of a huge variety of rim designs. Not only do these wheels improve how people view your vehicle, but they also complement your tires to produce a complete modern appearance. From wheels for passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs to custom wheels that are efficient for winter and summer seasons, off-road driving, and racing applications, an entire world of options awaits you at TDot Performance.

Integrating new high-quality custom wheels results in the transformation of your vehicle's personality from ordinary to inimitable. Balancing a progressive and awesome look, these rims serve to showcase your vehicle’s distinct personality or as a warning for the competition that you mean business. Get the best truck, SUV, and car rims from TDot Performance. Our authorized online shop offers a complete assortment of the most enigmatic custom wheels designed to accommodate your Ford, Dodge, Jeep, or Chevy vehicle. Regardless of whether your ride was engineered in the year 1991, 2000, 2019, or 2020, we guarantee high-quality wheels that efficiently replace factory variants and perfectly suit the appearance of your make and model.

With an industry that continuously evolves without warning, TDot Performance is Canada’s most reliable certified vendor that carries a complete selection of top-quality rims and other essential auto parts from the industry's most renowned names. Whether you require new wheels for daily driving on a busy avenue, a weekend road trip, or competitive track racing, you can get the specific rims you want when you access and view our easy-to-navigate website. Built using heavy-duty material and finished in sleek silver or black, these aftermarket wheels are as robust as they are gorgeous. Available in a broad selection of diameters and bolt patterns which include 5x115, 5x120, and more, mounting these wheels into your tires and vehicle is as straightforward as changing your car's wiper blades or replacing the vehicle batteries.

Made by the most reliable brands, our rims ensure proper fitment to the most popular passenger car, truck, SUV, winter, and specialty tires. Not only just the tires, but these wheels also ensure alignment with every aspect of your vehicle from the brakes to the steering system. Since we are a verified seller, the wheel or wheel packages you purchase are fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Furthermore, we carry wheel accessories like wheel spacers that are available in 30mm, 40mm, 70mm, and many other thicknesses. TDot Performance also provides customer care plans to ensure that the beautiful upgrades you purchase last the lifetime of your vehicle.

Some of the wheel brands that entrust us with their latest innovations include Asanti, Adventus, OE Creations, Moto Metal, and Mickey Thompson. Select TDot Performance for a complete assortment of 100% authentic and brand-new wheels and tires. We'll match any eligible passenger car or light truck model with a refined and efficient tire and wheel upgrade that's available at an economical price. With the complete details of today’s most innovative custom wheels posted on our website, you can view and read up on the best designs of the industry before you select your purchase. Our official website features a search catalog that allows users to access and sort our wheels and tires series by size or by brand to find the ideal fit for their vehicle.

To ensure cost-efficient financing and an excellent purchase, TDot Performance also often has promotions for tire and wheel packages. Create an account on our website and we’ll keep you posted on vehicle products sales so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. We’ll also keep you posted on the latest details regarding the newest aftermarket wheels and tires in the vehicle industry. Regardless of whether you reside in Ottawa or somewhere west like British Columbia, we offer our rims with a quick shipment system that’s free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. With a low price guarantee and free shipping on wheels and rims in all of Canada, you can rest assured you’ll get an excellent shopping experience from us. Read more about the purchasing policies and services we offer by visiting our website's Wheels and Tires section.