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Amplify the enjoyment of your adventures by mounting a high-quality dash camera to your car. Whether you prefer the WASPcam vs the GoPro or vice versa, TDot Performance offers a complete collection of the latest dash cams in today's market. A proudly Canadian Brand, we make certain that all of them are coupled with an exceptionally cost-efficient price.

WASPcam vs. GoPro

Both the WASPcam Gideon and the GoPro Hero4 Black record video footage in 1080p HD quality. The GoPro Hero4 Black takes things to the next level though, being able to record in 4K HD resolution as well. Both products are waterproof so that you can take them on any adventure. While the GoPro Hero4 Black might have a more robust feature set, the WASPcam Gideon comes in at a lower price point. Both cameras are built to the highest quality standards and can survive the rigors of everything from skydiving to surfing. Browse our product catalog to help you decide which one of our award winning action cameras is right for you.

Protect yourself from Insurance Fraud

Every year, thousands of Canadians get defrauded on the road. There are criminals who specialize in getting into staged accidents in order to extort money from unsuspecting drivers. The best way to protect yourself from this type of fraud is to install a dash camera in your vehicle. The next time somebody tries to reverse into your vehicle to stage an accident, you will have caught the act on camera, saving yourself hundreds of dollars in direct payments or insurance premium hikes. But it isn't just fraudsters who want your money. Determining who is at fault in a genuine accident is always difficult. Having a dash camera helps you prove your innocence in an accident, likewise saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Defend yourself in Court

Ever get stopped by a police officer for a traffic infraction you know you didn't commit? Did you receive a ticket for running through a red light, even though it was actually still yellow? Fight your traffic tickets today with a dash camera! Dash camera evidence is admissible in court and will help you fight the most expensive traffic tickets.

Action Cameras & Dash Cameras in Canada

TDot Performance carries a wide selection of WASPcam and GoPro action cameras and dash cameras. We have the lowest prices in Canada and free shipping on all orders. And since we are a Canadian owned and operated business, our customers never pay any customs duties or brokerage fees. Order your dash camera or action camera today! If you have any questions about our various cameras, please give us a call at 1-800-276-7566.