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Fog Lights

Standard headlights often cannot cope with foggy conditions and many cars do not come with fog lights fitted as standard. Driving through thick patches of fog can be dangerous and a pair of quality fog lights will make it easier to drive safely. When you travel through a patch of thick fog switching on your vehicle's high beams does not improve visibility, in fact it makes it worse. Light from the headlamps bounces off the water droplets in the fog and this decreases your visibility rather than increasing it. Traditional high or low beams are not much use in thick fog or other foul weather such as heavy rain or snow.

To drive safely in inclement weather a good pair of fog lights is important. Fog lights are mounted low on the front bumper, this angles the beam down onto the road and thus prevents light bouncing off the water droplets into your eyes. In addition, to keep light from extending above the bumper, fog lights have a unique beam shape. Their beams are wide and flat. How fog lights are aimed is also important. If the lights are angled too high he light will shoot up into the mist. If you angle them too low their range will be limited. Fog lamps are fitted to the front and back of vehicles. Red high-intensity fog lights at the rear of the vehicle are to assist other drivers to see the car travelling in front of them. Rear fog lights are always red whilst those at the front of the vehicle may be white, blue or yellow.

Fog lights are a stylish addition to any car as well as being an important safety feature. Projector fog lights have curved glass centre lenses which collect light and broadcast it as a more focused beam. This means that it is less likely to blind other drivers. Projector fog lights are available with or without a halo light circle around the centre lens.

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