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Keep annoying pests and harmful debris from splattering and ruining your windshield by installing new bug deflectors and hood deflectors. These components reliably and quickly redirect any insects away from your windshield, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience. Are you on the look for bug deflectors that offer quick and excellent protection? There's no other retailer more trustworthy in Canada than TDot Performance. From the Auto Ventshade Bugflectors II to the Weathertech Stone and Bug Deflectors to the Auto Ventshade Chrome Hood Guards, we are viewed as the country’s go-to dealer for the most sought after vehicle items and upgrades that come with the lowest price.


Bug deflectors and hood protectors are viewed as some of the most underrated vehicle accessories out there. Anyone who has ever been on a long road trip through the country knows what a nuisance flying insects pose. Your vehicle has nowhere to hide as these little pests will often splatter all over your front window, covering it in bug guts from edge to edge! Worst of all, it's hard to clean. Users often find that after going through an entire bottle of washer fluid, the windshield won't look any cleaner. Not only do splattered bugs look bad, but they also pose a safety hazard because they screen and reduce the driver’s visibility.

Where do bug deflectors fit into all of this? Bug deflectors are items designed to modify airflow toward your vehicle, quickly diverting any insects up and over your windshield and preventing them from hindering your view. Some larger insects might still find their way onto your vehicle’s windshield, but for the most part, you'll notice an immediate reduction in the number of bugs hitting your windshield and an overall better view. Most bug deflectors feature a robust build so not only is your windscreen safe from bugs but your hood and fenders are also provided protection against stone chips and road debris.

Quality and Appearance

Bug deflectors might serve an important purpose, but this doesn't mean they should be limited as just items that provide window, hood, and fenders protection. They should not stick out like a sore thumb. This is why it is important to choose a bug deflector that complements your vehicle's look. We carry a variety of designs and colors, so you should be able to find the specific look you need for your vehicle. You can also be sure that you are getting the highest quality bug deflector when you order from us. All of the bug deflectors that you see on our website are built from the most durable materials around with an emphasis on long-lasting protection and a great look. Brands like Auto Ventshade, WeatherTech, Westin Automotive and EGR are industry leaders in quality and design.

The Most Sought After Bug Deflectors and Hood Guards

Here is a quick look at four of the best bug deflectors in today’s market. You can view the more comprehensive details of these items on our website. The Auto Ventshade Bugflectors II, Weathertech Stone, and Bug Deflectors, Lund Interceptor Hood Guards, and Auto Ventshade Chrome Hood Guards are regarded by many as the top items to select for reliable protection, quick installation, and a great price. Integrating a high-profile blueprint with a wrap-around design, the AVS Bugflector II bestows an optimized coverage area to prevent stones and debris from damaging your hood while keeping insects off the windshield. The Weathertech Stone and Bug Deflectors feature a durable and low-profile construction that protects your vehicle’s windshield from bugs and stones that create cracks and chips. Regarded as the strongest item in the group thanks to a heavy-duty polycarbonate design, the Lund Interceptor Hood Guard reliably protects your ride’s paint, windshield, and fenders against bugs, stones, and other road debris. Lastly, the AVS Chrome Hood Guards provide superb protection for your vehicle’s front window, hood, and fenders while also emphasizing a sleek chrome look at the front end.

Bug Deflectors & Hood Protectors in Canada

Whether it’s a design by Auto Ventshade, Weathertech, Enthuze, or Lund, look no further than TDot Performance. We are a trusted source that carries the largest selection of vehicle bug deflectors in Canada, at the lowest prices around. Whatever look you have in mind, we have them and we ensure they provide superior protection. No other online dealer in the country comes close to our website’s fantastic prices. When you select and buy your vehicle items from a Canadian company like TDot Performance, you receive free shipping on all orders, saving on any customs, duties, or brokerage fees that you'd incur buying from the United States. Whether you live in Toronto, Vancouver, or anywhere else in the country, our quick shipment system will have all the items you purchased shipped directly to your doorsteps in just three to five working days.

Regardless of whether it’s the AVS Bugflectors II or the Weathertech Stone and Bug Deflectors, we are a top authorized retailer in Canada of all the brands and items we sell so you can rest assured that all the items you view, select, and buy from our website are 100% authentic and brand new. Adding to that, you will also receive the full manufacturer's warranty on every order you make. Before you select and purchase your items, be sure to have a quick look and view their complete product details at our website to ensure a proper fit. Our site’s design prioritizes accessibility and an easy interface to guarantee users a straightforward shopping experience. If you have further inquiries or need assistance regarding bug deflectors, hood guards, or any other vehicle items and accessories, feel free to contact us at 1-800-276-7566 or via our email address: sales@tdotperformance.ca. Regardless of whether your vehicle is by Ford, Toyota, or Chevrolet, our excellent customer service will help you look and find the proper items for your needs.