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TDot Performance is a trusted and well-regarded dealer of high-quality cooling systems and fundamental performance parts. Our large collection of cooling components makes certain that your engine is properly cooled and prevented from overheating even on the most demanding driving conditions. The cooling fans, coolant tanks, and radiators we carry come with the best prices you'll ever find in Canada.

What does the cooling system do?

To put it simply, your vehicle's cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine from overheating. This may seem like a mundane function, but it is actually integral to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Contrary to what someone might think, a vehicle's engine actually runs more efficiently the hotter it is. So why do you need a cooling system then? The cooling system, contrary to its name, is actually responsible for helping the engine reach peak temperatures more quickly. Once the engine is heated, the cooling system helps it maintain a constant temperature (by preventing it from overheating or getting too cold).

At what temperature does your engine run best?

Your ideal engine temperature is 93 C. At this temperature, the engine is burning fuel at optimal efficiency. Your engine's lubricating oil is also at its lowest viscosity at this temperature. This means that the engine components can move around smoothly and will take less wear and tear.

Types of Cooling Systems

There are two types of cooling systems: liquid-based and air-based. As its name implies, a liquid cooling system circulates cooling liquid through the vehicle's engine. Conversely, air cooling systems circulate cool air through the engine's pipes.Liquid cooling systems are the norm in most modern vehicles, whereas older model vehicles usually used air cooling.

Cooling Systems in Canada

TDot Performance carries a variety of premium cooling systems and accessories. When you order from us, you do not pay any customs, duties, or brokerage fees. All orders are shipped free to your door. TDot Performance also guarantees the lowest price in Canada on all cooling systems.