If you're looking for the newest and most cost-efficient replacement car seats and racing seats in Canada, TDot Performance is the elite one-stop shop for the complete collection. The broad series of aftermarket car seats we carry place emphasis on a better-looking interior and a more comfortable driving experience. From Recaro Automotive to Bestop to Sparco, we ensure the best series of universal, racing, and sim racing gaming seats in the market that will keep your back comfortable during extensive drives and fast-paced competitions. We also have a series of elite-quality seat belts, brackets, and other similar types of components to replace factory variants and suit your particular needs. To find the ideal type of automotive seat for specific applications, visitors of our site can read more about the details of each product by simply visiting their specific page.


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Are you a fan of speeding down the tracks, testing your beast for maximum speed? So are we, which is why we recommend some of our best automotive race seats. Ordinary factory seats are good for those types of drivers who want to snooze their way from point A to point B. If you step on the gas and hit a turn, there's a chance that you'll be quickly shifting left to right holding on for dear life! When you choose to push your car to its limits on the racetrack, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable and unstable. Racing seats ensure that you're in place and in control of your vehicle, no matter the speed and the type of competition. Have a look at our incredible selection of elite-quality automotive race seats and experience a smooth ride when you crank up the speed!

Are Racing Seats Worth It?

A universal single-person bucket seat suits everyday traffic but one corner too quick can result in the passenger sliding into the door and losing control of the car. Automotive racing seats aim to remedy this issue and bring back reliable control. They typically resemble the shape of a traditional seat but they have heavier bolstering and often feature reliable headrests. The more elite and extravagant series of automotive race seats are designed with fixed backs. Besides amplifying your vehicle’s interiors with the different style and color options available, the broad series of racing seats in today’s market are designed to help keep you in place. They feature side bolsters that secure drivers during high-speed cornering which are paired with an integrated headrest that prevents unnecessary head movement.

Can You Put Racing Seats In Any Car?

While conventional automotive seats typically feature a one-size-fits-all universal blueprint, racing seats need to be precisely sized to the driver and properly positioned within the automotive vehicle. This is so the driver can reach the controls and pedals in the car while also allowing the accommodation of a racing harness. Multi-point safety harnesses are utilized by racers to ensure optimized stability that suits the speed and demands of racing applications. As the automotive race seat would pair with a 5- or 6-point harness, integrated headrests and proper openings for the belts are provided so drivers are firmly kept in place during their sessions. If racing is indeed in your future, you’ll need to install a harness bar or a proper roll cage to secure the harnesses. When it comes to properly installing your new automotive racing seat, every vehicle will have various challenges and requirements. As always, the responsible driver should take the time to research and read about the proper procedure for their specific application.

Race Your Way to Glory

Think back quickly to any movie you've ever watched that had fast racing cars. Do you think those guys had lousy factory seats? Imagine if a scene showed them holding on for their lives while driving a quick vehicle instead of looking calm, cool, and collected. That would make for a great comedy movie but not one about racing cars. At TDot Performance, we understand that your only concern when cranking up the speed is only the speed and quick pace, not whether or not you'll fall out of your seat. This is why we offer some of the best quality automotive racing seats you're likely to find anywhere in Canada. TDot Performance has top-quality racing seats with enhanced bolstered areas and ergonomic designs that come with a variety of features, ensuring maximum safety and comfort at all times.

Racing Seats in Canada

Feel that the time has finally come to upgrade to some sleek new racing seats? Good news: TDot Performance is your one-stop shop for the market's best series of automotive racing seats and more! Established in various styles, color schemes, and configurations, we boast a racing seat lineup including Corbeau, Bestop, Recaro Automative, and Sparco, ensuring you can keep your eyes firmly on the road and nothing else. As an authorized dealer of the automotive industry’s top manufacturers, you can rest assured that our series of car seats, racing seats, gaming seats, and all the automotive upgrades we carry are 100% authentic, brand new, and backed by the official manufacturer’s warranty. As Canada’s most elite dealer of automotive upgrades, we offer free and quick shipping to all addresses within Canada, so don't waste any more time and get ordering!

TDot Performance incorporates a customer-centered website with complete descriptions of every series of automotive seats we carry. This allows our visitors to read, compare, and select the proper type of purchase that suits their specific needs. For further queries regarding any series of car or racing seats on our website, we encourage our visitors to give us a call at 1-800-276-7566. Just because a particular series or a product isn’t found on our page doesn’t automatically mean that we don’t carry them at the back. TDot Performance guarantees quality customer service that’s more than happy to help you discover and purchase the ideal type of automotive products for your vehicle model.