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Are you a fan of speeding down the tracks, testing your beast for maximum speed? So are we, which is why we recommend some of our best racing seats. Ordinary factory seats are good for those who want to snooze their way from point A to point B. If you step on the gas and hit a turn, there's a chance that you'll be shifting left to right holding on for dear life! When you choose to push your car to its limits on the racetrack, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable and unstable. Racing seats ensure that you're in place and in control of your vehicle, no matter what the speed. Have a look at our incredible selection of racing seats and experience a smooth ride when you crank up the speed!

Race Your Way to Glory

Think about any movie you've ever watched that had fast racing cars. You think those guys had lousy factory seats? Imagine if a scene showed them holding on for their lives instead of looking calm, cool, and collected. That would make for a great comedy movie but not one about racing cars. At TDot Performance, we understand that your only concern when cranking up the speed is only the speed, not whether or not you'll fall out of your seat. This is why we offer some of the best quality racing seats you're likely to find anywhere in Canada. TDot Performance has top quality racing seats with enhanced bolstered areas and ergonomic designs that come with a variety of features, ensuring maximum safety and comfort at all times.

Racing Seats in Canada

Feel that the time has finally come to upgrade to some sleek new racing seats? Good news: TDot Performance is your one-stop shop for racing seats and more! We boast a racing seat lineup including Corbeau, Bestop, and Sparco, ensuring you can keep your eyes firmly on the road and nothing else. We offer free shipping to all addresses within Canada, so don't waste any more time and get ordering!