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Fuel Injection

Fuel injection systems have been around since the 1950s.

Carburetors were previously used to control the supply of fuel to the engine, but they have now been superseded by fuel injection systems in modern mass produced vehicles.

The first fuel injection systems were the throttle body type, otherwise known as central or single point fuel injection systems. The advantage of these to carmakers is that they could be a straightforward replacement for the carburetor; however, as new engines were designed these systems were replaced by multi-point, port or sequential fuel injections. In these types of system there are fuel injectors for each cylinder and they are located where they can spray directly into the intake valve. Such systems allow for more accurate fuel metering and they provide a quicker throttle response. AFE, BBK, and other manufacturers offer high quality throttle bodies for American Muscle Car and Truck enthusiasts.

The throttle valve on a car regulates the amount of air that enters your engine and this valve is directly connected to the gas pedal. When the gas pedal is pressed the throttle valve is opened and more air enters the engine. When this happens the engine control unit recognises that the throttle valve has opened and as a result it increases the fuel flow rate. The timing of this is important otherwise the car will appear to hesitate. Sensors in the car are constantly monitoring the amount of air entering the engine and the oxygen in the exhaust. These readings are used by the ECU to fine tune delivery of fuel to the engine.

A fuel injector is an electronically controlled valve. The fuel pump provides pressurized fuel to the fuel injector. When the fuel injector is activated an electromagnet moves a plunger and this in turn opens a valve that allows pressurized fuel to be squirted out. The nozzle of the fuel injector atomises the spray meaning that the fuel can be burnt more easily. BD Diesel offers a wide range of fuel injector products for diesel engine applications.

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