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Illuminate the night and the darkest paths while improving your truck's style by installing new high-quality light bars. These light bars are especially beneficial if you're looking to conquer the toughest trails and we offer them in a huge selection to precisely accommodate your specific needs. At TDot Performance, we guarantee all the lighting components you could ever need for a safer and more comfortable driving experience.


If you're looking to add significant style points to your truck or SUV, light bars are a key accessory. Light bars are well-utilized for driving down long and winding abandoned roads, or for providing heightened illumination for work sites that need it. Before you hit the shopping cart, get educated about the various types of light bars, and how to evaluate the nitty-gritty aspects of light bars to determine which specific light bar fits you best.

Types of Light Bars

  • Miniature light bars, also known as light pods, are composed of 4-8 individual lights. They are best used as fog lamps, side lights, or as a portable lighting in a work environment.
  • Low-profile light bars have one single row of LEDs. Typically, these light bars are found mounted onto a grille or below the bumper.
  • Full-size light bars, which can be up to 150 centimetres in length, may have one, two, or even four rows of LEDs. Typically used for big rigs and carriers, these light bars require the most power and only the best, robust mounts.
  • Off-road light bars can be any of the above. Constructed for only the rockiest, most daunting terrain, these lights will help you effectively combat the harshest and darkest Canadian weather.

You should also strongly consider the following characteristics when buying your light bar:

  • Beam Configuration: This will differ between brands and specific products. Light bars are built with spot beams, flood beams, combo beams, or diffuse beams. You'll need to study how light projects from each beam configuration to really determine which set is best for your needs.
  • Brightness and Light Efficiency: It's a no-brainer that when you buy lights, you want them to be as bright as possible. But each manufacturer constructs its lights differently. Compare between brands by measuring effective lumens, and lumens per watt (lm/W) for efficiency purposes. Generally, a higher lm/W means a higher LED quality.
  • Input Voltage: The best light bars in the industry can be applied to essentially any truck out there. Make sure that the light bar you're interested in is compatible with the ride you want to fit it on.
  • Warranty: As durable as they're supposed to be, you want to be sure that you're covered as much as possible with lengthy product warranties. Because we at TDot Performance are an authorized retailer of all of our products, the manufacturer's warranty is passed right to you. Top brands often offer lifetime warranties. Be sure you know what you're covered for and for how long.

Light Bars in Canada

At TDot Performance, we address a multitude of your needs for auto parts and accessories. A wide selection of brand-name light bars is just one way we do that. From Putco to PIAA to Rigid Industries, we have the best light bar collection in Canada. Browse through our collection with all of the above in mind, and know that all of your purchases are free from customs, duties, and shipping fees as long as you're residing in the Great White North.

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