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TDot Performance is the modern car enthusiast's main source for the industry's most significant tools and equipment for the garage. Our automotive tools allow you to precisely perform the necessary repairs at home, ensuring a consistently reliable driving quality. From clamps to wrenches to pressure and ignition testers, we'll save you a trip to your local garage with our complete selection of high-quality tools.

Automotive tools that vehicle owners should have

Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring your vehicle runs at peak condition. Rather than taking your vehicle to the local garage for minor repairs and maintenance, you should endeavor to perform the checks and fixes at home. Of course, you will need the right automotive tools for this, and TDot Performance has the tools you need.

Wrenches and adapters

Besides a jack to elevate your vehicle, the most commonly used automotive tools are wrenches and adapters. At TDot Performance, we offer you renowned brands, such as Gorilla. You can purchase high-quality Gorilla Thin Wall Lug Wrenches and Adapters, and Gorilla Power Lug Wrenches and Adapters. These automotive tools can remove the tightest lug nut with ease. These heavy-duty wrenches and adapters are the perfect tools for auto owners who prefer to carry out repairs at home.

ARP automotive tools

We have a comprehensive inventory of ARP automotive tools. You can check our website for the different tools that this brand has to offer. Some of them include ARP Individual Thread Cleaning Chasers to clean dirty holes. These chasers come with the right thread pitch and diameter to use them on the most commonly used threads.

We also have an inventory of ARP Allen Key 12 PT Sockets, ARP Modular Thread Cleaning Taps for Ford vehicles, an ARP 14mm Spark Plug Indexer, the ARP Ford Oil Pump Primer Kit (which is sold separately), and the ARP Stretch Gauge, which is sold as a kit.

It is best to check out our vast inventory of automotive tools and we are certain that you will find the tools you are looking for. We are renowned for offering the lowest price in Canada for automotive tools, without sacrificing quality. Since we are authorized retailers for renowned brands, such as ARP, Air Lift, Banks Power, Edelbrock and Hella, you will also enjoy the manufacturer's warranty on our products.

If you need more details about our automotive tools or shipping policy, please feel free to call our toll free number 1-800-276-7566.