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What are Car Batteries?

Your vehicle's battery is one of the most important parts under the hood. The car battery is responsible for powering the lights, the entire ignition system, and more. The best batteries, like those from Optima Batteries, are designed to last for a long time and deliver the highest level of power.

What Kind Of Batteries Are Available To Me?

There are several different types of batteries available, and choosing the right one for your needs is important. Here's a look at some of the different choices. Once you know which type of battery is right for you, it will be much easier to choose the one you want.

Starting Battery

A starting battery provides the voltage needed to power the ignition system and get your vehicle started. These provide short, high powered bursts of energy that crank the vehicle. They'll generally have a long life and when cared for properly are very trustworthy. They're also affordable, and are generally the more common type of battery available today.

Deep Cycle Battery

A deep cycle battery will allow you to start an engine, but usually has lower cranking amps than a starting battery. Unlike the higher bursts of energy from the starting battery, a deep cycle battery discharges around 45 to 75 percent of its capacity. The big difference here is that these batteries generally have a longer lifespan and can be cycled down to about a 20 percent charge if needed. It's commonly used for boats, motorized wheelchairs, golf carts, and recreational vehicles.

Dual Purpose Battery

A dual purpose battery combines the two types of batteries above into one unit. They feature the high burst of energy that gives them excellent cranking power, but they also feature a deep cycle design that helps them carry a long life and deliver deeper cycles of power to the different items being charged or powered by them. They're slightly more expensive, but come with much higher rates of performance and feature super-fast charging times.

Marine Battery

A marine battery is usually a deep cycle or a dual purpose battery, but one that has been designed with a more durable construction that will stand up to the elements it's exposed to on lakes, ponds, and the open sea. They're spill proof, mount nearly anywhere, and carry hundreds of discharge and recharge cycles within their design for a long life. They're designed to deliver deep cycle and cranking power performance with a maintenance free design.

Specialty Batteries

Some of today's vehicles carry special design features that need to be considered. In particular, hybrid cars like the Prius could need a special battery that delivers the starting power and the long-term power you need.


When choosing your battery, you'll need to consider the type of battery it is as well as the voltage it carries. 12 and 6 volt batteries could be available, so you'll need to determine the voltage you need before you place an order.