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Off-Road Bumpers

Off-road bumpers are often seen on SUVs and trucks. The bumpers are designed to protect the front grille and fascia of the vehicle as it is driven through brush whilst exploring unpaved roads. Hunters, outdoorsmen and women and campers will appreciate the advantages of off-road bumpers as it protects their vehicle from damage from tree limbs or branches. Of course, off-road bumpers are also bought by people who never take their vehicle anywhere near the woods as they are seen as an attractive accessory for trucks and SUVs. Manufacturers such as Warn, Westin, Or-Fab, and many more combine functionality and style so you will never have to choose one over the other.

Off-road bumpers may be bought at many car dealerships and accessory shops. There are different types of off-road bumper available.

Brush guard bumpers are generally constructed from tubular steel bars that are attached to a frame that is then bolted to the front of the vehicle. These brush guards cover the headlights, stock bumper and front grille and they will often wrap around so as to cover the front body sidelights. These bumpers have been designed to prevent damage from small branches or tree limbs and prevent the radiator or grille being punctured by a branch.

Push bumpers are often padded with hard rubber inserts. This type of bumper is designed to allow a vehicle to push another vehicle; something that may be necessary if a vehicle becomes bogged down in mud. The push bumper is often incorporated into a brush guard bumper and generally has two or more vertical bars that line up with the rear bumper of the vehicle to be pushed.

Light bar bumpers are designed for those individuals who want to use their vehicle off-road at night. The light bar bumper has two or more spotlights which are mounted on a bumper bar positioned in front of the grille. These produce significantly more light than the headlights alone.

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