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Cargo Liners or Trunk Liners are excellent accessories designed to keep spills, dirt, grease, and many other harmful substances away from the vehicle's cargo area. TDot Performance offers a broad selection of truck and SUV cargo liners that make certain your ride's interiors are kept clean even on the toughest driving conditions. For the newest and most efficient cargo liners in Canada, look no further than TDot Performance.

Why do you need a Cargo Liner?

When you drive a truck or SUV, your cargo area may see plenty of use and abuse. No matter if you're hauling bricks or just some groceries, there is always a chance for scratches, scuffs, dents, and spills. High quality cargo liners, from WeatherTech, Husky Liners, or any other popular brands eliminate this issue by fitting perfectly into your cargo area and acting as a protective cover. Finding the right SUV or truck liner is important for anyone since it will not only protect your vehicle, but maintain its resell value throughout the years.

What Should I Look For In A Cargo Liner?

There are several different things that you need to consider when you shop for a cargo liner. While they all may seem to be the same at first glance, in reality each one is different. Keeping the following points in mind when you're shopping for yours will help ensure that you get the one that works best for your vehicle.


For starters, you'll need to think about the material your cargo liner is made from. While hard plastic shells are common, for many it's a better option to look for liners made from a rubberized blend material. This will fit more securely into your floor, be easier to remove, and stand up to everything you can throw at it including gas, oil, mud, and more. The bendy material also won't crack or break, making it a better option in most cases.


Every truck, car, and SUV out there has a different overall design. You'll need to make sure that the cargo liner you select will actually fit your vehicle. If you're not completely sure, you should be able to use an easy fitment chart to find the one that matches up with your vehicle.


The overall texture on the liner may seem like it's not a big deal, but in reality it is vital. Textures could help to shed mud and oil into a certain area, provide traction when you're standing on the surface, and help to add additional protection from damage. Textures on the bottom of the liner may help prevent it from sliding around once it's in place. And of course, textured surfaces do add something to the overall look of the liner.


It's important to consider the colour as well. You'll find liners in colours that include black, tan, grey, and more. Look for the colour that matches your vehicle's interior colour or your own style to get the one that is right for you.


You may have a brand preference as well. In the cargo liner field, Husky Liners are considered to be the pinnacle of design, quality, and affordability. They're usually the best choice, though if you have a different brand in mind you may want to consider it.


The price for cargo liners is usually very comparable from brand to brand, design to design. As such, it's usually the last item you'll need to consider. Once you use the points above to track down your liner, the price will usually fall into place.