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TDot Performance offers a full selection of fundamental garage tools to ensure a 100% complete installation. From oils and lubricants to specialty coatings to safety gear, we carry the newest garage equipment to make upgrading your ride, easier and quicker. The best parts and accessories for the most cost-efficient prices, there's not a more reputable brand than TDot Performance.


If you thought that TDot Performance is Canada's leader in aftermarket automotive parts and accessories, you thought right. But if you thought we stopped there, you thought wrong! In addition to selling a variety of audio and electronics accessories for your car, we also sell tools and equipment for your garage at the LOWEST PRICES IN CANADA. No need to go to your local home improvement store. You can get it all here at TDot Performance! We carry:

  • Garage Accessories, including floor coverings, utility racks, indoor and outdoor mats, toolboxes, bike stands, and more! These accessories are critical to furnishing your garage, also known as your car's home. These garage accessories are provided by the best brands in the industry, including Dee Zee, Bestop, Westin Automotive, WeatherTech, and more, all at the best prices in Canada.
  • Automotive Tools, which you're going to need when your car experiences issues that you yourself can fix. From ring compressors to battery testers, alignment to crimping tools, we've got the best branded tools to fill up your toolbox and help you reach the handyman status you've always aspired for.
  • Automotive Chemicals, such as air filter oils, gear oils, performance grease and chemicals, multipurpose lubricants, coolant and steering fluids, and more to make sure that your vehicle operates the way you want it to, when you need it to.
  • Auto Detailing Products, such as car wash fluids, waxes and polishes, pads and towels, car care kits, glass cleaners, and more! Let your inner hobbyist out and take advantage of our vast selection of auto detailing products at great prices!

Tools & Garage Equipment in Canada

Find exactly what you need for both your car's home and your toolkit right here at TDot Performance! We offer high-quality products from respected industry leaders at the lowest prices in Canada, free of shipping and the multiple hidden fees and headaches that come with ordering from the United States. Remember, if you have questions about any of our products, call us at 1-800-276-7566 and someone from our team will be happy to assist you!