For pickup truck owners, TDot Performance is the main source for highly-efficient truck bed accessories. From truck bed liners to headache racks to toolboxes, we offer all the upgrades you could ever need to maximize your truck's look and functionality. Adding to that, our truck bed covers, bed organizers, and other components come with the lowest prices in all of Canada.


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Do I need Bed Accessories?

If you care about your truck, you do! Generally, trucks can be very expensive investments. But if you fail to take care of your truck, it loses its value very fast. Bed accessories can help to prevent your truck from becoming old and worn out as well as preserve it resale value. Even better, you can also use bed accessories to add functionality to your truck, increasing its value! Want to protect the floor of your bed from scratches and dirt? We have bed mats that are easy to install and cover your bed's floor with ease, preventing unwanted dirt. For added style and substance at the same time, we have bed rails for your protection. Concerned that your bed is not big enough for some large cargo? Worry not, we carry bad extenders just for large cargo as well as bed racks that enable you to carry long cargo such as ladders. And if you're concerned about the small items and how to organize them in the vast space of your giant bed, we've got you covered with our tool boxes. So stay ahead of the game and visit TDot to revamp your truck's bed.

The Modern Truck Bed

Back in the day, truck beds used to be quite simple. Just a vast amount of space at the back of your truck. As times change, so do the beds. These days, truck beds offer so much functionality that you have the opportunity to make back quite a lot if you decide to cash in on your truck. At TDot Performance, we understand that your cargo is important to you which is why we carry only the highest quality bed accessories for your needs. We carry Westin's Pro Series Brute Tool Boxes which are ideal in providing you with heavy duty cargo management. These boxes, armed with an integrated locking system, provide robust security. Available in a variety of dimensions, these tool boxes offer protection for your contents with a rubber weather seal, ensuring that you have peace of mind.

Bed Accessories In Canada

Thinking of adding functionality to your truck's bed? Want to increase the resale value of your truck or simply want to make your truck even more invaluable? Bed accessories allow you to achieve all of this and more. Now you can travel peacefully with the knowledge that your truck's bed and your cargo are both safe and organized. If you're interested in bed accessories, then TDot Performance is the ideal place for you. We carry the very best bed accessories from premium brands such as Westin, Access, and AMP Research. What's the best part? Shipping is free from within Canada!