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For top-of-the-line bike racks for cars, TDot Performance is the complete and most trustworthy retailer in the Canadian region. Whether you need a trunk bike rack or a truck-mounted bike carrier, we carry the latest ones to satisfy the needs of the modern bike enthusiast. The premium bike racks we have will provide you with the peace of mind needed so you can focus on enjoying your trip. Guarantee the easy transportation of your bicycle when you go adventuring in Canada by integrating our reliable, durable, and precise bike racks.


Probably because you have a bike? All jokes aside, bike racks are for anyone that loves riding bikes and discovering new trails. If you're going on an outdoor vacation or just want to drive around and discover new areas for you and your bike, bike racks are meant for you and your car. How else would you be able to take your favorite bike with you? If you're looking to do so, there are various carrier options for you regarding where you can place your bike. You can choose to carry your bike on your trunk with trunk-mounted bike carriers; these carriers have durable straps that make them easy to mount across several kinds of vehicles. Prefer to put your bike on the roof? No problem, as we have roof-mount bike racks for cars as well. Don't compromise on the adventures of your dreams. Take your bike with you wherever you go and ride away by incorporating the proper bike rack for your car and application!

Live the Adventures of Your Dreams

Imagine going to a cottage and being blown away by the local scenery. Then imagine discovering an amazing trail not too far away which would be even more amazing if you had your bike with you. Now imagine the regret you'd feel. Now, there's no need to feel that pain as you don't need to keep your bike at home. At TDot Performance, your biking adventures are important to us and we understand how it feels to regret not having your bike around when you need it the most. That's precisely the reason we have the very best bike racks for cars. We carry Thule bike racks featuring innovative Road Dampening Technology (RDT). With the ability to carry up to five bikes, these bike racks include No-Sway cages with rubber bumpers that protect your bike's frames and limit contact between bikes. Allowing you to lock your bikes to the rack with an integrated cable and built with a lifetime warranty, these racks are a must-have for any bike lover and outdoorsman.

Bike Racks in Canada

Tired of missing out on opportunities to discover new trails? Want to take your bike with you the next time your family goes on vacation? Bike racks are the perfect tools for your car that will help you live your biking dreams anywhere and everywhere you want. If you're interested, TDot Performance is your best bet. We carry the highest quality bike racks from top-of-the-line brands such Thule, SportRack, and Swagman. And that's not even the best part. All the bike carriers we offer come with free shipping to all Canadian addresses! For more information regarding bike racks and other carrier solutions for your car, please feel free to contact our hotline at 1-800-276-7566. Our team of experts is more than happy to help you find the proper bike rack that matches your needs and preference.