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Car body kits are sets of modified body parts or extra components that can be installed on a production car. Typically, a body kit will consist of components such as rear and front bumpers, spoilers, side skirts and paint jobs. Some kits may also include roof scoops and front and rear side guards.

Individuals who want their cars not only to have the horsepower to impress but also to look the part use body kits. A body kit or ground effects kit can transform a car from looking ordinary to being eye-catching, and in the process the vehicle may gain some extra performance. Body kits are primarily about the car's appearance however.

There is a wide selection of components on offer; exactly what is available will depend on the type of car and the manufacturer. If you do not have the money to do a complete transformation of your car in one go, then parts can be obtained separately and added incrementally until you achieve your dream car. Some body kits can be installed by the owner and will come with an installation guide. Other body kits require professional installation and may be custom designed for the car. Some racing car kits are also only intended for off-road use.

Full body kits will contain all the parts required to transform your car. When you are selecting a body kit you should not only look for a kit that provides the look you want, but also one that offers superior durability and long lasting service. The body kit should be made from material that will offer resistance to chemical and weather corrosion so that your car will look stunning for years to come. If you are considering changing the appearance of your car then buying quality products from a trusted retailer is essential to not only achieve the look, but also to ensure that it lasts.

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