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Showcase your ride's inimitable and unrelenting personality by incorporating innovative race-car-inspired vehicle body kits. TDot Performance allows the car custom builder in Canada to easily purchase high-quality yet cheap body kits and body components online. It's not enough that your vehicle is ready to conquer the toughest series of racing or off-road applications. Your Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, or BMW has to look the part as well to win the other half of the battle. Regardless of whether you need top-class custom fenders, front bumpers, rear bumpers, front skirts, rear skirts, side skirts, or rocker panels, we have a large series of body kits that are guaranteed to produce a precise fitment and a better style for your specific year and model.

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Car body kits are sets of modified body parts or extra components that can be installed on a production car. The overall design of a vehicle body kit is based on the list of modifications made to race cars so they can get through the air with minimal resistance while maintaining consistent traction. Typically, a body kit will consist of components such as rear and front aerodynamic bumpers, bumper lips, spoilers, side skirts, and paint jobs. Some kits may also include roof scoops and front and rear side guards.

Individuals who want their cars not only to have the horsepower to impress but also to look the part use body kits to boost their style. A body kit or ground effects kit can transform a car from looking ordinary to being eye-catching, and in the process, the vehicle may gain some extra performance. In the grand scheme of things, body kits are primarily about the car's appearance. While the main goal of integrating a body kit package is to add some class and style to your ride, some components are proven to be beneficial to the aerodynamics and stability of a vehicle. The integrated front and rear fascia are designed to filter air underneath your vehicle that produces a vacuum that improves the overall grip on the road. Meanwhile, spoilers and window louvers play a role in increasing the air and downward force that assists in stabilizing a vehicle at higher speeds.

A More Unique Style and Better Aero Function

Regardless of your vehicle is by Chevrolet, Dodge, or Ford, the huge list of aftermarket body kits available certify a precise package for your specifics. There is a wide selection of components on offer. Exactly what is available will depend on the type of car, the specific manufacturer, and the particular style you are aiming for. A series of full-body kits are available but if you do not have the money to do a complete style transformation of your car in one go then parts can be obtained separately and added incrementally until you achieve your dream car. With a huge list of individual components available, you can easily mix and match them to obtain your own top-class unique appearance. Some body kits can be installed by the owner and will come with an installation guide. Other body kits require professional installation and may be custom-designed for the car. Some racing car kits are also only intended for off-road use.

Full body kits are products that feature a list of all the parts required to transform your car and optimize its style. When you are selecting a body kit you should not only look for a kit that provides the look and style you want, but also a series that offers high-class strength, superior durability, and long-lasting service. The body kit should be made from materials that will offer resistance to chemical and weather corrosion so that your car will look stunning for years to come. Fiberglass, carbon fiber, and polyurethane are some of the available materials used in a vehicle body kit to emphasize strength and durability. Carbon fiber variants are an ideal choice if you're looking to boost the aero functions due to their lightweight build. Carbon fiber body kits are typically used in car shows or by cars on the race track. These body kits are your best bet for improving aerodynamics and increased downforce on a car. If looks and style are at the top of your wish list then a kit with a polyurethane design is the way to go. For an aesthetic upgrade and beneficial weight reduction, opt for fiberglass kits to provide your vehicle a customized style and better aero function. If you are considering changing the appearance of your car, then buying quality products from a trusted retailer is essential to not only achieve the look but also to ensure that it lasts.

A Complete List of Body Kits at TDot Performance

Whether your vehicle is designed by Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, or any other popular vehicle manufacturer, TDot Performance is the go-to online shop for a complete series of front bumpers, rear bumpers, bumper lips, window louvers, spoilers, front, rear, and side skirts as well as full body kits. From Weathertech to Bestop to Crown Automotive, we are an authorized retailer trusted by top-class manufacturers to distribute their complete series of high-quality products to the Canadian Market. We offer a huge list of body kits that generate the perfect look along with improved aerodynamics for racing, off-road, and many other driving applications. Look no further than TDot Performance for the lowest prices on high-class aftermarket body kits. We guarantee that no other authorized dealer can compare with our quality deals and complete series of products.

Purchasing the ideal products for your Chevrolet, Ford or Dodge is a quick process thanks to our easy-to-navigate website. Simply add all the components in your cart, select the payment option, and they'll be ready for delivery. Consider making an account at our site so you save all the products you want on a wish list. You'll be informed when the series of items on your wish list go on sale. All the products in your cart will be delivered to your location in just three to five working days. Adding to that, shipment to anywhere in Canada is free from any customs, duties, or brokerage fees.