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AEM Electronics makes parts that give your vehicle a racing look. The products are regularly featured on the pages of motoring magazines and websites, where numerous independent reviews give their performance electronics the thumbs up.

Gauges and accessories

AEM Electronics Custom gauges and accessories can make performing maintenance tasks a more stylish experience. Not only do they look incredible, but tools such as the AEM Electronics X-Series Boost Pressure Gauges also provide extremely accurate readings all the way up to 15 PSI. A bright LED centre makes them easy to read, and they can be mounted in any convenient spot.

Our AEM Electronics Engine components include timing gears and reliable engine parts that won't let you down. The AEM Electronics Series 2 Engine Management Systems give you total control over the engine of your vehicle; the onboard software lets you view and manipulate data in a huge number of ways. Get the level of power that you want, and ensure that the amount of fuel reaching your injectors is just right.