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Safeguard your trucks and generate an improved aesthetic with the superb tonneau covers by BAK Industries. From the RollBak Retractable Cover to the BAKFlip Hard Folding Tonneau Cover, you can bet on an exceptionally sturdy and reliable quality for your truck beds. Every product by BAK integrates impact-resistant materials and is guaranteed to precisely match your truck’s factory lines for a seamless fit.


BAK offers three types of folding BAK tonneau covers: hard folding, retractable, and rolling. If you are having trouble deciding which one is right for you, the guide below should be able to help you.

Hard Folding Tonneau Covers (BAKFlip)

Hard Folding Tonneau covers are a popular cover style because of their durability and functionality. BAK's patented BAKFlip design is the most recognizable tonneau cover in this category. The BAKFlip is the only hard folding tonneau cover on the market that can be retracted to reveal the entire truck bed. BAKFlip tonneau covers also feature BAK's patented "No Profile" design, giving them the most streamlined and aerodynamic profile on the market. The BAKFlip design is so successful that Ford Motor Company uses it on all of its trucks. To accommodate different needs, the outstanding BAKFlip is available in a variety of configurations. Below is a table highlighting the differences between the various BAKFlip models.

Rolling Tonneau Covers (Roll-X)

Rolling tonneau covers are the most popular cover design because of their style and functionality. When rolled back, a rolling tonneau cover does not block the rear window of the truck. BAK's Roll-X tonneau cover is unique in that it is a hard tonneau cover rather than a soft one (like most roll-up alternatives). BAK's Roll-X is incredibly secure, supports high weight loads, and never flutters in the wind while driving.

Retractable Tonneau Covers (RollBAK)

BAK's RollBAK retractable tonneau covers are popular for their incredible convenience and ease of use. Just like rolling covers, retractable covers can be pulled back to reveal nearly the entire truck bed. Retractable covers provide minimal visual obstruction when pulled back (your rear window will be almost completely unobstructed). Retractable covers provide the most streamlined design of any tonneau cover. Despite their convenient design, they maintain the same sturdy construction as other BAK tonneau covers.


TDot Performance is a fully Canadian owned and operated business. Because we are an authorized Canadian dealer of BAK products, you are covered by the complete manufacturer's warranty when you buy from us. Most importantly, our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees. Can't find a specific BAK Product on our website? Make sure to give us a call.