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Borla is a leading manufacturer of top-quality cat-back and axle back exhaust systems along with turbocharged upgrade kits, headers and mufflers. With over 30 years of research and design experience, Borla has perfected the art of exhaust system designs. However, Borla doesn't sit still. They never stop innovating so that they can continue to exceed consumer expectations. TDot Performance is proud to sell Borla exhaust systems at the lowest prices in Canada, with free shipping and no hidden customs, duties, or border fees. As the most trusted automotive shop in Canada, you can trust that we are always the first to carry the latest exhaust solutions offered by Borla. And because TDot performance is an authorized Borla dealer, you also get Borla's famed one million mile warranty on all their products.


With over 30 years dedicated to honing its engineering and manufacturing techniques, Borla has perfected its exhaust system designs. From the Borla Catback to the Axle Back Exhaust, the company’s huge collection guarantees a precise solution. Regardless of whether you’re in need of an exhaust for a Chevy Silverado or a Nissan 350z Borla Exhaust, the broad selection offered by Borla makes it a point to produce a system that fits your specific year and model.

Powerful sound couples the outstanding performance boost thanks to Borla’s huge selection of high quality Mufflers. With an uninterrupted flow design and multi-core technology, the stainless steel Borla XR1 Mufflers excel at high performance racing applications while meeting street noise requirements. Integrating a straight-through design, the Borla Pro XS Mufflersreduce restriction and improve exhaust gas velocity for improved horsepower, torque, and better sound quality on the streets. Borla’s outstanding Mufflers come in different inlet/outlet sizes, quantities, and location configurations.

A globally regarded name, performance enthusiasts summarize Borla products with these three characteristics:

  • Extreme durability – All Borla exhausts are built using the most durable materials in the industry (stainless steel, titanium, and carbon fibre) Not only are Borla Exhausts made for the toughest races but they look the part as well. The Borla Exhaust System comes with either polished or black chrome Borla exhaust tips.
  • A warranty that outlasts your vehicle's life span – All Borla products come with a one million mile warranty!
  • Bolt-on designs – All Borla Mufflers come with a bolt-on design that ensures perfect fit and easy installation


Stainless steel is the perfect metal for exhaust systems because of its durability. Exhaust systems are under the constant onslaught of the elements (whether it be heat, precipitation, or even corrosive salts) and so having a durable construction is of the utmost importance. Borla exhausts are built from 100% pure, aircraft grade, T-304 stainless steel (not mild steel or aluminum). Mild steel and aluminum exhausts often suffer from poor durability at the weld points; a flaw stainless steel does not share. T-304 stainless also has the highest chromium content of any metal, giving it incredible corrosion resistance. As a result, Borla exhausts lead the industry in longevity.


To suit different driving personalities, the Borla exhaust sound is available in three varieties.

  • The Borla ATAK Exhaust - The Borla ATAK Exhaust replaces a bland OEM exhaust note and produces a more aggressive sound. ATAK is an acronym for Acoustically Tuned Applied Kinetics which means the Borla ATAK Muffler produces only the loudest race-appropriate volume through the entire RPM Range. The Borla ATAK exceptionally improves exhaust flow and is an ideal upgrade for modern muscle cars like the GT and Bullitt Mustangs.
  • The Borla S-Type Exhaust - If you’re looking for an exhaust sound that’s not too loud yet not too soft, then the Borla S-Type Exhaust is the upgrade you need. The Borla S-Type Mufflers are custom tuned to generate an exceptional exhaust tone to your particular vehicle model. This system elevates your vehicle’s aggressiveness levels while allowing you to use them for day-to-day driving.
  • The Borla Touring Exhaust - The Borla Touring Exhaust generates a deep and throaty exhaust note that’s at a slightly higher volume than stock variants. This exhaust sound is ideal for individuals looking for a more performance-oriented sound without compromising comfort when cruising. Designed for the daily driver, this exhaust produces a silent note when idling and a moderate one when accelerating.

Borla's expertise in engineering has led them to create exhaust systems that are perfectly optimized to output just the right sound levels while not sacrificing performance. Many car enthusiasts falsely believe that the bigger an exhaust, the better. This is not always the case. In fact, Borla engineers have discovered that for street use, large exhaust systems waste large amounts of energy. As a result, Borla has perfectly optimized the sizes of their street-use exhaust system to maximize energy efficiency.


Being that TDot Performance is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, our customers pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees. Whether you reside in Edmonton or Toronto, we’ll deliver your Borla Exhausts quickly and just in time for your next adventure. As an authorized dealer of Borla Exhaust Products in Canada, our customers are covered by the complete manufacturer's warranty. What's more, our Borla exhaust systems are sold at the lowest prices in all of Canada. All prices that you see on our website are in Canadian Dollars and contain no hidden fees! Remember to give us a call whenever you can't find a particular product on our website. Chances are that we have the product in our warehouse.