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Cali Offroad Wheels are well known for their premium quality and crazy designs! These wheels are a top choice for level or lifted trucks, and guarantee to have people turning after your ride. Cali Offroad wheels continue to improve their designs and craftsmanship, and offer consumers extreme durability and longevity! TDOT Performance carries the brand’s complete product line at the lowest prices in Canada. We are an authorized Cali Offroad Wheels retailer, which means you’ll enjoy the full protection of the manufacturer's warranty. And if you order from us, you will pay no shipping, customs, duties, or border fees!

Why Choose Cali Offroad Wheels?

Cali Offroad Wheels are huge and aggressive – perfect for your daring truck! These wheels are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes to please even the most demanding taste. And there are so many designs to choose from, that you’ll be able to find what you need to complement your unique style and needs.

Cali Offroad Wheels are distributed by the TWG, a company with 5 decades of experience with aftermarket wheels, tires and accessories. TWG’s dedicated R&D team continually develops the most innovative and cutting edge designs which guarantee to give your car or truck a truly custom look. All TWG products are manufactured in the USA.

Cali Offroad Wheels in Canada

TDOT Performance is an authorized Canadian retailer of all Cali Offroad Wheels products. And this means you’ll enjoy the complete protection of the manufacturer's warranty when you place your purchase with us. Because we are a 100% Canadian owned and operated business, our customers always enjoy free shipping on all orders and are never asked to pay customs, duties, or border fees! You can always give us a call if you’re having trouble finding a particular product on our website. Even if something is not listed on the site, we probably have it in our warehouse