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Restrictive stock systems simply will not do if your goal is to reach your vehicle’s full potential. Whether you’re aiming to dominate a high stakes competition or conquer the unpredictable off-roads, Corsa Exhaust Systems are guaranteed to bring forth exceptional benefits that enhance the overall driving experience. A Corsa Exhaust System incorporates the patented RSC Technology which considerably elevates performance levels while appropriately eliminating interior noise. Emphasizing a precise fit, effectively installing these exhausts is straightforward and won’t require any cutting or welding.

TDot Performance is your best bet for finding a brand new Corsa Sport Exhaust for next level engine performance. With a straight through non-restrictive design, this exhaust system improves exhaust flow and reduces backpressure to produce outstanding horsepower and torque gains. The integrated Corsa Mufflers appropriately replace obnoxious low frequencies that cause droning with a powerful sound under acceleration and a solid rumble at idle.

This system is ideal for enthusiasts looking to be the centre of attention when accelerating while being allowed to be comfortable when cruising. To suit various preferences, the Corsa Sport Exhaust comes in different tunings. This progressive exhaust system is built to last the lifetime of your engine as it makes use of a high quality mandrel bent stainless steel construction. Furthermore, this system is capped off with head-turning polished exhaust tips that establish an aggressive appearance.

An authorized retailer of Corsa Exhaust Products, TDot Performance offers a complete collection of the company’s latest innovations for an incredibly affordable price. We provide free and quick shipment with zero hidden charges for anyone residing in Canada. If you are able to find a lower price with other certified Canadian vendors, we will definitely beat them. The Corsa Exhaust System you purchase is free from defects and is duly backed by a limited lifetime warranty.