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FASS, which stands for Fuel Air Separation Systems, brings forth a superior technology that certifies your diesel powered engine is provided the cleanest burning fuel possible. Fass Fuel Systems eliminate air, vapour and other contaminants in diesel fuel to extend the injector life and improve engine operation. As an authorized dealer in Canada, TDot Performance carries a comprehensive collection of FASS Fuel Systems to suit today’s vehicle models. We guarantee you won’t find better deals for the FASS Fuel Systems in Canada.

The FASS Titanium Series Diesel Lift Pump

Emphasizing on precision, FASS engineers lift/fuel pumps that come in varying levels of displacement to meet different needs. For owners of Dodge Ram Cummins Engine, TDot Performance offers a variety of top quality FASS Fuel Pumps to maximize engine performance. FASS’ highly regarded Titanium Signature Series fuel system comes in various flow rates to efficiently support stock and aftermarket modifications that elevate fuel demand. Don’t let its compact design fool you, this FASS Diesel Fuel Pump is engineered with a very powerful motor that is capable of handling flow rates from 95 to 150 to 260 gallons per hour.

Apart from better fuel flow, the FASS Titanium Series provides a superior filtration upgrade from the factory fuel filter. With the patented FASS Silencing Technology integrated, expect an incredibly quiet fuel air separation procedure. Furthermore, all Titanium Series Diesel Fuel Pumps incorporate the trademark FASS Bolt-on Mounting Bracket so installation takes mere minutes without the need for welding, drilling or any other complicated procedures.

The FA Series Fuel Lift Pump

TDot Performance also carries the versatile FA Series FASS Fuel Lift Pump which allows users to adjust the fuel pressure being delivered to their Cummins Engine on the go. It also has a boost compensation port which bestows extra fuel pressure when accelerating extensively and at a faster rate. This FASS FA Series Fuel Pump is a direct replacement to the factory lift pump of your Dodge Ram Cummins and is especially efficient for demanding applications such as drag racing.

FASS Replacement Fuel Filters and Water Separators

For the enthusiast who prefers to do things themselves, we carry FASS Replacement Components such as their water separators and fuel filters. Routinely replacing your water separators and fuels filters is a fundamental step in ensuring your FASS Fuel System is operating efficiently. From the HD Series to the Titanium Series, all the different variants of FASS Fuel Filters are ready to be shipped directly to your doorsteps.

FASS Fuel Systems In Canada Every FASS Fuel System you buy from us is guaranteed to be in top condition and free from any structural defects. Shipment to anywhere in Canada is free of customs, duties and any other hidden charges. To back up promises of excellence, your purchases are duly covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If you require further assistance in finding the proper FASS product that perfectly meets your needs, simply dial our hotline and one of our representatives will guide you through the procedure.

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