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Located in California, Gorilla has been in the auto parts industry for 40 years and counting. It specialises in manufacturing products for high-performance wheels, along with tools, accessories and security systems.

What's available?

In our Gorilla Tire and Wheel Accessories collection, we have Gorilla Stainless Wheel Simulators that look incredible in motion and when parked, and are very easy to install. Highly polished with a glossy finish, they are sold in sets of four.

To keep your readings as accurate as possible, we have Gorilla Tire Gauges and Inflators that ensure that your levels are safe when you're on the move. The Gorilla Tire Pressure Gauges are manufactured using precision components by skilled craftspeople; they measure between 0-100-PSI and help you carry out this essential maintenance task with ease.

Gorilla Lug Nuts and Locks come in a huge range of shapes and sizes to suit every wheel. Gorilla Acorn Tuner Series Small Diameter Lug Nuts are perfect for aftermarket wheels that have reduced lug nut openings. These will fit the smaller space perfectly, reducing the chance of damaging the wheel with a key or socket tool.

The right Automotive Tools can make all the difference when you're working on a custom car. Use the Gorilla Power Lug Wrench & Adapters to take the bolts and nuts off your car wheels smoothly. The various adapters mean that it can be used on any number of vehicles, as needed.

If you're looking for Gorilla Suspension Systems to improve the overall look of your vehicle, our Gorilla Wheel Spacers can provide the clearance that you need to change the height of your car. They are constructed using durable die cast aluminum, and deliver a cool stanced look.

Contact us online by emailing our team at sales@tdotperformance.ca, or call 1-800-276-7566 toll-free if you'd prefer to talk about any of the products on offer.