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Helo wheels make an extensive product line of wheels and rims for today’s cars, trucks and SUVs. Whether it is unique style or value you are looking for, we have you covered. Chrome, gloss or satin black and available with various spoke designs, bolt patterns and sizes. We carry all the hottest HELO wheels at the lowest prices for your ride. Shop our complete lineup of Helo wheels today!


What makes Helo’s custom wheels the first choice of serious auto enthusiasts around the globe is the wide selection of styles, finishes, spoke patterns, and bolt patterns. For many vehicle owners, the brand has become a synonym of quality, style, and craftsmanship. Helo wheels have been manufacturing rim with a clear focus on styling and custom appearance.

Some of the most sought after wheels in Helo’s lineup are Helo HE878 (satin black), Helo HE835 (gloss black machined), Helo HE791 Maxx (all chrome), and Helo HE894 (satin black). Browse our huge inventory of Helo wheels and rims to find your preferred finish, spoke pattern, and styling to create a custom look for your vehicle.


No mean machine is truly complete without a mean set of aggressive looking wheels. Adding that assertive appearance to your ride is easy with Helo’s high-quality custom wheels and rims. Helo’s rims feature matching Helo center caps, unique spoke patterns, and stylish finishes and accents including Chrome, Gloss Black, Gloss Black Machined, Gloss Black with Chrome Inserts, Satin Black Machined and more.


Helo wheels are and rims come in various sizes, offsets, and bolt patters to match your particular vehicle. Whether it is a small 15-inch rim with 2,000 lbs of load rating, or a 20-inch rim with 3,200 lbs of load rating, you will find it here in no time. If you are looking for the ultimate in wheel customization for your ride, Helo wheels are your best choice.


The prices of all Helo wheels we carry are that low because we are an authorized dealer of Helo and follow a strictly customer-centered approach to our business. If you’re looking for a specific Helo wheel or rim but are not sure if it’s right for your car, truck or SUV, make sure to give us a call. Our professionals will help you find it. Purchasing Helo wheels through our website is quick and simple.


The Helo brand is part of the Wheel Pros, along with other brands such as American Racing, Asanti, Moto-Metal, KMC, OE Creations, and MSA. With a primary focus on designing and manufacturing the highest quality wheels, Helo has been a leader in the aftermarket, offering a stunning arsenal of custom wheels. Whether you’ve heard that Helo wheels are the best a driver can get to personalize a ride, or you’re looking to shape your car’s visual appeal according to your own vision and needs, Helo wheels are you best choice. Shop our wheel selection and find your perfect custom rim today!