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K&N Filters are highly regarded for improving vehicle performance while simultaneously providing superior protection to fundamental engine components. When it comes to the latest K&N Filters in Canada, TDot Performance is the go-to name for the complete collection and the most affordable prices. We offer K&N’s washable air filters to maximize airflow and add a boost of horsepower. These air filters have a dependable reputation as they are incorporated to various top competitions such as the BAJA 1000 and the 24 Hour Le Mans.

TDot Performance is the ideal place to purchase a K&N Drop-In Air Filter to take the place of restrictive stock paper air filters. With its direct drop-in blueprint, proper installation takes mere minutes to accomplish. Users need only to open their factory air box, remove the factory filter before placing the new K&N unit. We offer brand new K&N Cone Filters to elevate security levels and overall engine functionality. These cone filters are available in a variety of diameters and lengths to precisely suit different applications. They are built with sturdy molded rubber flanges which minimize vibration and ensure a firm fastening.

TDot Performance also carries high quality K&N Pre Filters which are beneficial wraps that add an extra shield layer for the protection of your air filter. This component is efficient especially when traversing across extremely dusty and muddy environments. We offer both the K&N PreCharger and DryCharger which integrate a sturdy polyester material with uniform micron openings to capture even the smallest particles without hindering the air entering the filter. The DryCharger undergoes a special hydrophobic procedure which allows it to efficiently repel moisture and prevent the saturation of the air filter. Cleaning and maintaining these K&N Pre-Filters can be easily done by utilizing the K&N Filter Cleaner. The K&N Pre Filters come in a variety of designs so you can expect a precise fit whether you have a round, rectangular or oval shaped filter.

Apart from high flow air filters, we also guarantee the best deals for the K&N Oil Filter in Canada. This powerful component efficiently removes metal particles and contaminants from the oil to prevent engine damage. The K&N Oil Filter incorporates an outstanding filter media that provides high flow rates, reduced restriction, and consistently excellent filtration. High flow rates are essential especially during demanding racing applications where heavier grade oil is pumped at a faster pace. The K&N Oil Filters are designed to handle synthetic, blended or conventional motor oils. Furthermore, most of them feature an anti-drainback valve which prevents dry starts and keeps the oil from draining back to the crankcase when the engine shuts down. From K&N’s Premium Wrench Off Oil Filters to their Pro Series Oil Filters to their Powersports option, we carry just about every variation of these durable and environmentally friendly filtration solutions to meet the requirements of different applications.

TDot Performance makes it effortless to purchase the ideal K&N Filter for your particular needs. Our website allows our products to be categorized according to brand, vehicle model or performance part. This lessens the hassle of selecting the proper upgrade. For anyone residing in Canada, shipment to anywhere in the country is free and we promise zero hidden charges. We guarantee a fast delivery service so you can install your K&N Filters just in time for your next adventure.