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Variant 1

The Variant 1 is the entry level model from KW Suspension. This coilover is made to offer an upgrade over OEM coilovers by giving you an individually adjustable lowering. Despite its entry level label, the Variant 1 is still made from the same corrosion resistant stainless steel as its more feature-filled cousins. For this reason, a KW Suspension Variant 1 coilover will last you just as long as any other KW Suspension coilover.

Variant 2

The Variant 2 is the next step up from the Variant 1. In addition to having all the features of the Variant 1, this more premium quality model also allows you to manually adjust the damper rebound with 16 clicks. This gives you much more personalized control over your vehicle's suspension. Like all KW Suspension products, the Variant 2 is constructed using the same high quality stainless steel.

Variant 3

The KW Suspension Variant 3 is the highest end model of the Variant line from KW Suspension and is perfect for any driving enthusiast. This coilover carries over all of the features of the Variant 1 & 2 except that it allows for manual adjustment of both the rebound and damping compression level. This allows for complete control over your vehicle's suspension. Like other KW Suspension products, the Variant 3 is made from only the highest quality stainless steel.

DDC & DDC ECU (Electronically Controlled)

The DDC is the most advanced coilover on the market. With the push of a button, you're able to change your vehicle's damping from sporty to comfortable and vice versa! The included mobile app let's you do this right from your smart phone. You can select between "Comfort", "Sport", and "Sport+" presets as well as manually fine tune the settings yourself. DDC coilovers give you complete control over your ride without ever having to get your hands dirty!

HLS (Hydraulic Lift)

HLS coilovers from KW Suspension are hydraulically controlled coilovers. These state-of-the-art coilovers allow you to lift your lowered sports car by up to 45 mm with the push of a button. Being able to quickly lift your vehicle on the fly is ideal for navigating speed bumps and other obstacles. Help protect your investment by installing these coilovers on your high performance sports car today!

Street Comfort

Street Comfort coilovers from KW Suspension are the perfect upgrade for your luxury vehicle. Not every vehicle is designed for aggressive driving. Some drivers derive pleasure in a comfortable ride. If your suspension is too hard, the Street Comfort series is the ideal solution to soften it. When you spend countless hours on the highway everyday, you want to maximize comfort levels.


Clubsport Coilovers from KW Suspension are some of the highest quality performance coilovers money can buy. These premium quality suspension parts are designed to bring track performance to the street. Clubsport coilovers were made to withstand the rigours of the world famous Nurburgring track. If they can meet those demands, you can be sure that you are getting the best coilovers on the market.


The Competition line of coilovers from KW Suspension are designed specifically for track use. These coilovers are made to withstand the most aggressive driving. If you are a true entusiast looking to gain an edge on the track, then these coilovers are perfect for you. The Competition coilovers have been used by a number of highly successful professional race teams around the world.

KW Suspension in Canada

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