The deep-rooted commitment of Laufenn to bring advancements to automotive customers across the globe gave rise to the brand that combines performance, style, and affordability. This brand is under one of the world's fastest growing tire companies, Hankook Tire, which leads the market in innovation and quality. The brand promises versatility with its products, ensuring you get the value you seek.

Laufenn is designed to be the symbolic proof of the company's vision to augment the global market's capacity in serving all needs of every customer. This product line was first introduced to the US market and is aimed to grow across the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Europe. The brand's performance and passenger tires are all designed to meet and exceed standards to ensure that the driver is safe and comfortable on the road. The five tire models initially introduced by Laufenn covers all terrain and weather conditions. You can find a specific tire that will make the drive better in all aspects.


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